Chess art

I was supposed to be looking for something else, but these chessmen caught my eye, along with dozens of other insanely beautiful sets featured in the lengthy article.


raven said...

The Maryhill museum (sited high on a cliff overlooking the Columbia River Gorge) has a fine chess set collection. My favorite, among all the gold and silver and carved stone,, is a hand carved wood set from the Black Forest, comprised of two different villages- each piece with various tradesmen, town officials, etc with different faces and expressions. The set is housed in an inlaid wood book made to look like a book.

The Lewis chessmen would be the premier set though!

Icebreaker- "money and availability no object, what work of art or craft you choose to place in your home?" Head of Nefertiti? Birth of Venus?

Grim said...

I love chess. I have a replica Lewis set that I prefer, but any set is better than none.

james said...

raven: You'd have to add "available space" to the caveat list. Bookcases take most of the "prime artwork display" space.

Ymarsakar said...

That thing is a formation and grid creator, simulator, teacher. Finally figured it out. It is not a war game, as some may have believed.

Formations are used to align scalar or other earth based energies to create things like the Dead Sea partition.