A Moment of Clarity


J Melcher said...

I can't figure out how to make a tablet/touchscreen browser do the "stinger" punchlines on XKCD's comics; these show up on a PC when the mouse cursor hovers over the image. The stingers are often funnier than the image.

In this particular cartoon, dark-haired scientist goes on to provoke the following stinger dialog:

"You know lightning, right? When electric charge builds up in a cloud and then discharges in a giant spark? Ask me why that happens."

"Why does tha--"

"No clue. We think it's related to the hair thing"

jlbussey said...

On an iPhone, a long press on an image will bring up a copy/save image menu that will have the alt-text on it.

For some reason this doesn't work the same on an iPad, so I use this:
It works in both Safari and Mercury browsers (probably others as well, I haven't tested them all).

I don't know what to do on Android.

Matt said...

If you go directly to the website itself on a mobile, it brings up a mobile-friendly version that has a click to show the alt-text. Unfortunately, it doesn't work if you arrive there by a link from somewhere else.

douglas said...

At least those are known unknowns!