Earning that Citizenship Merit Badge

President Donald Trump apparently feels at home among the Boy Scouts of America. But why not? They're future voters, and in an organization whose mandate takes both citizenship and America seriously.

CNN was not amused, but they rarely are where the President is concerned. I mean, he told an assembled crowd of 35-45,000 boys and their parents, "I said, who the hell wants to speak about politics when I'm in front of the Boy Scouts?" Can you imagine the fun the boys had when he said that? See mom??? You know they loved it.

And, along the way, they've got the opportunity to learn a thing.


jaed said...

I admit I was kind of amused by the media's snooting about Trump using "profanity"—in front of children!

douglas said...

Yeah, I heard that, and figured I had to watch the speech. It was fine, nothing wrong with it (although I can see where non-Trump supporters could find it aesthetically unpleasing or 'classless'- as if twelve-seventeen year old boys are concerned about 'class').

Might make interest in the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge- for which I am counselor in our troop- decline, however.