The Real Threat to Science is on the Left

So writes John Tierney:
First, there’s the Left’s opposition to genetically modified foods, which stifled research into what could have been a second Green Revolution to feed Africa. Second, there’s the campaign by animal-rights activists against medical researchers, whose work has already been hampered and would be devastated if the activists succeeded in banning animal experimentation. Third, there’s the resistance in academia to studying the genetic underpinnings of human behavior, which has cut off many social scientists from the recent revolutions in genetics and neuroscience. Each of these abuses is far more significant than anything done by conservatives, and there are plenty of others. The only successful war on science is the one waged by the Left.
He goes on to argue that "two huge threats to science are peculiar to the Left—and they’re getting worse." The first is confirmation bias, which is getting worse as the sciences follow the arts in sorting out conservatives in favor of those with left-leaning minds.

The second, obviously related, is the threat that comes of mixing science and politics.

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Ymar Sakar said...

The threat to humanity is of course from the Leftist alliance. For they are enemies of humanity. Along with Lucifer of course.

I am amazed humans waste mental brain power figuring out the obvious by now. This must be how those with 175+ IQs think of lesser mortals, as we try to solve Rubik's cubes and other challenges while taking days or hours, while they can do so in orders of magnitude time less.