Dialects on Parade

Thesis: 'The Electoral College is a vestige of slavery and should be abolished!'

Antithesis: 'The Electoral College should do the job the Founders intended and save us from Trump!'

Synthesis: 'Born of slavery, the Electoral College should redeem its history (by saving us from Trump!).'


raven said...

boil it down some.

"we lost, and we think we would win if the rules were changed, so let change the rules"

ColoComment said...

I wonder how many times it might take for these morons to learn that they do not want to create an option that they would not want the opposition to use as well.

Filibuster. Executive orders. Reconciliation procedure for passage of Obamacare. Electors' infidelity to state voter -- do they really want to open up THAT can of worms?

They seem drunk on their own dreams.

Texan99 said...

How like a white oppressive male to obsess on reason and logic. The name of the game is justice and feelings, baby.