I call this a good sign

Yes, the press makes no real effort to hide its bias, and it's troubling to think how many people get their information from it.  Nevertheless, when the press goes full-tilt bat-nuts on a subject that, for once, people care about and can check on fairly easily, I can't help thinking the result is going to be that a big new group of voters will have learned what's up.  To the minor degree that I can claim to understand the recent election, it seems to have been about a turning point of sorts in the PC machine I previously feared might be unstoppable.  The press has revealed itself as ridiculous and may now find it difficult to recover much of its position as arbiter of the truth.


Grim said...

Clearly there must be an anti-PC aspect to this given that Trump didn't come off the rails at any point, although I'm not sure that I reject the general analysis that it represents "white people" transitioning to think of themselves as a racial interest group like any other.

But on the other hand, maybe it's nothing special: economic growth has been suppressed by the Obama regulatory agenda and Obamacare has pushed a lot of good jobs out of existence, so that even the employed are on balance worse-off on the lower end of the scale. Maybe we don't need an explanation for why Trump won; on that picture the only reason it was even close could be his PC violations.

Anonymous said...

Trump would have been cooked by the stories from the dozen or so women that came out just before the election with allegations of abuse, but for the media's total loss of credibility, AND the disgust at the scandals arising from the Clinton Campaign. I believe both elements were at work.

Wikileaks would release a group of documents, and the denizens of 4Chan and The_Donald at Reddit would analyze them and pull out the juicy stuff. They would do it overnight. The DNC leaks and the Podesta leaks included evidence of crimes, real crimes, malum in se. The Project Veritas videos came out, with their very clear discussions of violence bought and paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC, and the Redditors turned up correlations between the leaks, the videos, and the Federal Election database, not to mention an old criminal investigation.

Just after the Alicia Machado fiasco by the Clinton Campaign and shortly before the election, Legal Insurrection predicted that there would be a Herman Caine-style flood of accusations by women against Trump, with too little time to cross-check, and that the women's stories would be as full of holes as a prostitute's stockings. That happened, and overnight, the hardy analysts at Reddit had unearthed the connections between those women and the Clinton Campaign or DNC. Trump told them to hold off against the women, and the Redditors did so. The story dropped away like nothing had happened. That was an enlightening event, for me.

At that point, The_Donald had 300,000 subscribers actively watching events at that site. Apparently that was enough. Since then, the group has grown to about 325,000. Of these, some are hostile trolls, some are now inactive, and some are reporters from other media. Theoretically, nobody knows which is which.