Top ten top tens from 2016

From ChrisTheBarker:

That link was via Jonah Goldberg's newsletter, whence also these:

The Year in Memes:  I got through the first ten and discovered I'd never heard of any of them.

2016 Internet Slang:  No, never heard of these, either.  Was I even present during 2016?

The Year in Space:  OK, a few of these.

Top Ten Top Ten Lists:  A complete bomb on all of them, even the books, which I had some tiny prayer of recognizing in principle.

I'm going to stop now.  This is too alienating.


Grim said...

Indeed, quite alienating.

james said...

And exactly which tribe is reading these books, or going to these movies, or listening to these tunes? I don't recall seeing these books in the "hot sellers" piles at B&N.

Maybe I just don't get out enough. Or maybe they don't.

Grim said...

In my case, the ones I know are the most alienating. It's a reminder of how much I detest so much of the popular culture. The ones I don't know at least don't irritate -- I just don't know them. That the ones I do know are popular is proof positive of something bad.

Anonymous said...

The Atlantic does not know much about memes, either. They sound old.

"Cuck" and "woke" are slang in use at about 5 related subreddits at Reddit. All the rest of the article is about short-lived cutesy phrases that people use and drop. Yes, you were there in 2016, you just did not follow the Kardashians. Um, me, either.

As for space, the first paragraph, followed by the second paragraph, tell me that somebody was really reaching hard for notable achievements. Not every year is a banner year. Some are just filler, and some are foundational.

*sigh* Gee, I thought there were big awards occasions for all of these items: books, movies, and albums. Some Digg editor's personal picks are of no interest to me. I would pay attention to a Hugo award, or the Academy, or CMA awards.

I think I must be tired of lists by people who are trying hard to knock out an article.


Gringo said...

Re "recommended books" : I have read Paul Kalanithi's When Breath Becomes Air. A physician chronicles the days after he is diagnosed with a fatal disease. He is rather stoic about the experience. I recommend it. I note that some of the books appear to be PC indoctrination masquerading as fiction.I especially suspect that when Library Journal recommends a title. I might try reading one or more of them to see if my supposition is correct.

The music and album lists: I have no idea, as I am not in touch with contemporary music. This is not necessarily only because I am an old fogy. Old fogy David Bowie made a list, but I have never been a David Bowie fan.I did appreciate the posting several months ago here on that Nate guy from Denver who sounds like the Blues Brothers. I am currently listening to Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers.