Knocked That One Out Of The Park

Noah Rothman at Commentary magazine notices that "Problems change, but the remedy doesn't." The old problem was the Soviet critique of Western imperialism. The new problem is how to resolve an alleged crisis with climate change. Those sound like they are different enough problems that they should have nearly wholly different solution sets. But no, the solutions proposed are the very same solutions:
The notion that the American way of life is unsustainable and unfair toward the rest of the world’s population is an old argument, and its remedies are suspiciously familiar. It was once claimed that the prosperity of the first world must be curtailed if there was to be peace.... Replace the scourge of climate change with poverty and “climate-friendly technologies” with advanced military-industrial technologies, and you have a boilerplate Soviet speech aimed at an international audience.
It's not very surprising to find John F. Kerry at the forefront of advocating that America yield to the Communist agenda. He's been at that for a while now.


MikeD said...

It has long been said that modern environmentalists are "watermelons". Green on the outside, Red on the inside. I have seen just about no real evidence to the contrary, as almost every environmental "solution" seems to be nothing more than the standard anti-capitalism of the Communists. Sustainable, environmentally clean energy is already available. But for some reason, almost no environmentalists want to hear about it. That's because the Communists were against us using nuclear power as well.

"But nuclear power is unsafe and dangerous!" More people die yearly from the effects of coal and oil power generation and its immediate effects than have died throughout human history from nuclear power plants. Yes, this includes Chernobyl and the Fukushima reactor disasters. I don't include Three Mile Island in that "extensive" list of nuclear disasters, because literally no one died or was sickened by the events at Three Mile Island. And really, when the coal and oil power plants can boast an average of three disasters per 57 years (the entire lifespan of commercial nuclear power), then maybe I'll start listening to claims that it's unsafe.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

But the Wrong People get rich and have status under the free market system, which means that the smart, deserving people go to the B-list.

They are re-fighting their hisghschool jealousies endlessly.

Ymar Sakar said...

People thought they had gotten rid of him via the elections. That's not how elections work in an oligarchy pretending to be a democracy, pretending to be a representative democracy, pretending to be a republic.