A Renaissance for Truth

In all sorts of information operations or psychological warfare, credibility is the currency and truth is a force multiplier. The common theory is that powerful regimes want to disrupt our ability to know the truth so they can create their own reality. In fact, this is what weak regimes do. Powerful regimes tell the truth, and then make the things they want to be true happen.

At some point, the parties that be are going to remember that. Somebody is going to decide to stop the hyperventilating, stop the shutting-off of debate, stop with the name-calling and social bullying, and just tell the truth. Whoever does it first, and builds the reputation for speaking the truth no matter what, is going to win this political exercise. Then they'll have the power to make true many of the things that they wish were true.

UPDATE: Via Anarchyball.


E Hines said...

What's interesting to me is that, after repeatedly claiming that voter fraud is widespread, and lately that it's widespread enough that it can change election outcomes, Trump wants a formal, centrally done investigation into voter fraud nation-wide--yet who's objecting zealously to the point of hysteria? Democrats and (too many) Republicans in party leadership.

Never mind that these folks all insist that there is no voter fraud beyond criminal background noise, and this investigation has every chance of proving them right. Of what are they so terrified, then?

Eric Hines

douglas said...

Actually right after Trump brought up the issue of voter fraud again a couple days ago, I couldn't believe my ears, because he had people on the left saying if he thinks that, he should have an investigation! Wow, I thought, he's got them saying what we've wanted for so long. Brilliant.