"If it's a no, we'll give them a quick no."

A prompt up or down: that alone would be a solid basis for any regulatory reform.  But reviving the Dakota and Keystone projects is enough to make me cheer the new administration even more loudly.  Their treatment under the prior administration was a travesty.


Grim said...

If you promise me a quick no and the process drags on, does that mean I can start investing on the assumption that it's a 'yes'?

Texan99 said...

I'm afraid it's unwarranted! The truth is that delaying an answer gums up the works in a really inexcusable way. The proponent should give up and redeploy his resources after a reasonable time, but it's difficult to judge how much time to waste. Few things exasperate me like people exploiting their bottleneck position to avoid making a decision, keeping everyone around them frozen. Cowardly passive-aggressive nonsense.

Ymar Sakar said...

It's a pretty good extortion racket, actually, since it is passive income.

The lawyers as much as the gov.