Protesting is Good For You

We've all noted the ways in which ordinary activities like visiting the beach, attending funerals or religious services, and dining in restaurants have been banned by executive orders as too dangerous; but protests have been allowed to occur in intense, crowded spaces for days at a time. Now the scientists would like you to know that not only are protests not risky for spreading viruses, they actually seem to slow the spread.
“We think that what’s going on is it’s the people who are not going to protest are staying away,” said Andrew Friedson, the CU-Denver professor who is one of the paper’s co-authors. “The overall effect for the entire city is more social distancing because people are avoiding the protests.”
Well, I'm certainly not going down to any of the protests, so maybe there's something to that.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Crime was low in the USSR for similar reasons.

Doesn't seem like a trade I want to make.

Anonymous said...

This as positive tests for SARS2 are rising just as the window for people to get sick from attending protests opens? With most new cases being among young people of the right age to be at protests, or to be around people who were at protests? Pardon me if I'm not so certain that the protests are creating social distancing and reducing disease spread.