"It's like Twitter in real life"

"Fifty shades of whey"--language warning.


Grim said...

I only watched a few seconds of that video. It's an old folks' home, right? People who hate each other yet are trapped together, especially in this time of closures and older-people-targeting pandemics. What a miserable hell they've made for themselves, built of all the fakery of Orlando.

ymarsakar said...

haha, oh this babylon b is funny.... oh wait, isn't that... that's not b is it.


ymarsakar said...

Is 2020 over yet? I want to wake up now even if it means that whatever is really going on is some kind of alien torture—which would be preferable to this.

No, 2020 is not half over yet.

July 4th is like the mid point, yuou know story, prologue, intro, climax, mid climax, whatever.

You want to wake up? You really want to wake up?

Ok, I'll forward that request.

Okay, someone has asked me and sent out an open call to be woken up. Let's see if they stay sane for the next few days or weeks.

ymarsakar said...

Grim, it's better than Demoncrat governors ordering covid seniors into nursing homes and executing them by the ... what's the number now, 21k of deaths related to nursing homes.

Pretty good concentration camp, even for America.

Riot, cry, fight, scream out, now is the time to get all the dark stuff out in the open. So I can Watch.

ymarsakar said...


Okay Megan. Let's see how you do next time on Ymar's world. Friday too.

Counter: Is Ymar joking or serious?