Betrayed Again

Chief Justice Roberts turns out to be another of these establishment Republicans who pretended to want to repeal Obamacare until they had the power, then found ways to fail at doing it still. Only he has a lifetime appointment, so he doesn't have to pretend anymore.

We still have a 5-4 left-wing court.


ymarsakar said...

The Deep State decrees, and human obeys... or you can choose to authorize the death of the Deep State. Up to you, humanity. How much will you all tolerate?

Combat fatigue even for non combatants... technically there are no non combatants in the Final War. All of humanity is involved. There are no fence sitters.

Flynn's attorney has been gagged on twitter. What are they afraid of, once Flynn's gag order is down?

To clarify, I and my faction does not need any shooters. We have enough and far better. What we need is the permission of humanity, that they are incapable of solving this and need Intervention.

ymarsakar said...

You probably don't know this, Grim, but Roberts is compromised, just as Petraeus was. Except Roberts' issue is his adopted children.

E Hines said...

My biggest beef with the ruling concerns Roberts' rationalization for his part in it.

I joined the dissent in Whole Woman's Health and continue to believe that the case was wrongly decided. The question today however is not whether Whole Woman's Health was right or wrong, but whether to adhere to it in deciding the present case.


If the decision being used as precedent was wrongly decided, the correct response is to overrule that precedent and correct the error, not to flip and bureaucratically uphold the error and, by doing so, codify it.

Codifying error as precedent also has a strong whiff of legislating from the bench.

With his logic, maybe Roberts would have argued against going to war to overrule a Dred Scott, or argued against altering Plessy.

Eric Hines

Dad29 said...

In his girlish desire for 'respect for the Court,' Roberts makes it plain that 'the Court' deserves NO respect at all.

Louisiana should enforce their law and invite Roberts to stop them personally. He can bring the other 4 babykillers with him, if he likes.....

Assistant Village Idiot said...


ymarsakar said...

Some rep in Tennessee is trying to sell out the Irish.

Counter: There are no Irish in Tennessee.


I always thought Grim was on the Scottish side of things, but his name is more like the Irish side of the "people".

Which explains a few things genetically. They tend to have short tempers at times when they perceive a threat.

Whereas the Scottish can be considered perpetually pissed off at foreign English, except when drinking.

Counter: What does this have to do with Barr, is barr irish?


ymarsakar said...

Did Y know about Barr being Irish? No, I just intuitively thought it had something to do with him and looked it up.

What does the Irish have to do with a Cohen rep in TN? I don't know, I just had this feeling.

You see, this stuff doesn't actually make sense, even for the person writing it.

ymarsakar said...

If I recall, the Celtish line of inheritance was mostly matriarchal, or by election.

I think it was called Elective Gravelkind or some such. Based off the Celtish tradition of matriarchs having a stronger claim for daughters and what not.

Strange, I know. Certainly strange compared to primogeniture or uncle/cousin/father claims.

Unfortunately, I cannto remember the terms for the various succession methods now.