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A greater elaboration on caste systems, slavery 2.0 of usa, and service to self.

Sts and service to other sto, are the fundamental basis for meaning of life. Yeshua spoke of serving your neighbor equaling serving god. Is god your neighbor? ... maybe.

It is the ideal behind children of light vs c of darkness. Light and darkness is only good or evil because of how we moralize it. But self and other deals with the metaphysics of whether humans are separate from creation and creator.

Law of one implies all came from 1 source. But modern religious theo says god is not man or human.

These are not ymarisms. Sci fi often asks if aliens are our gods or vice a versa.

So back to why slavery 2.0 was sts and one of the most evil polarized systems evangelized to humanity. To be continued in next part.

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I do have kitten vids but since these times are biblical, i recommend this work again. I even help fund the pay forward.

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I thought I would write about Ghislaine but judging by the news bombs hitting the air... that's not raelly necessary. So I'll write about the Mount Rushmore July 4th speech or rally Trump is holding.


Leftists are now using an insurgency cell to block it.

Strategic, hrm?

Who funds and organizes something like that?

US Patriots? US traitors?

WHat's going on here. Isn't the US President, the most powerful whatever?

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There's also this I saw a few days ago. UFO and aliens. Just what we need on the 4th, right.

Wait... wasn't there a movie called Independence Day?

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There's a lot of things the government does research on, that the fake news is ordered to cover up or discredit by calling conspiracy theories.

But let's think about it. Why are theories and conspiracies such a fantastical concept? Individually, people see them and use them all the time, but combined together, suddenly the term becomes verbotten.

Recognize your rulers by seeing what you can and cannot criticize. ANd recognize the control over your mind, by your reactions to triggers.

Remote Viewing is another topic for discussion.

Psychics help the police solve crimes, but they don't like talking about that.

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Notice the difference between this C whatever document, and the conspiracies wikipedia talks about.


Do you see what is going on? The manipulation?

The fake news? Or the real negatives covering up the positives?

Counter: But C gov is a conspiracy website...

Y: I know I know, but let's pretend wikipedia and humans writing it, are just and social too.

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Humans aren't allowed to intervene with certain issues. Thus if you want to overthrow a country, if it is not fated, then it won't matter who backs you. It will fail, like Cuba's Bay of Pigs.

This is a power beyond Remote Reviewing or personal gifts.

But people may be surprised to know that these incidents happen at all, that there is any chance of success.

Higher than looking for stable relationships online. Look into their background first. Love at first sight may or may not be real.

If people used failure as a barometer, they would not succeed. Which is kind of the point of propaganda news.

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Fire is good purification for portals that are items. Negative entities tend to attach to places and items more than humans often protected by guardian spirit ancestors.

So to me it makes prefect sense that they burn items that make them feel bad.

The person likely holds no malice towards buddhism and rk row. But even i would burn grimoires and us bills if their power went unchecked and harmed families.

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As I said, stay away from cities during July 4-5th eclipse.

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28 Jun 2020 - 3:56:10 PM
A person(s) value:
1. vote
2. monetary value (tax contribution)
Why is 'free thought' ridiculed, challenged, and threatened when a person is opposed to the 'mainstream-narrative'?

How does the average person, who is under constant financial stress (by design), find time to research and discern fact v fiction?
Majority of people more prone to believe someone in power sitting behind a big brand ‘news’ name?
Do people [human psyche] tend to follow the ‘majority/mainstream viewpoint’ in fear of being isolated and/or shunned?
‘Mainstream’ is used for a reason [dominate trend in opinion].
[If majority of people believe ‘x’ then ‘x’ must be validated / true]
Why do ‘mainstream’ media heads, within different orgs, always use the same keywords and/or catch phrases?
Coordinated? By who? Outside entity providing instructions?
Do they count on the fact that people [human psyche] are more prone to believe something if heard over-and-over again by different ‘trusted’ sources?
Do ‘echo chamber’ tactics provide validation / credibility to the topic/point being discussed?

Logical thinking.
Why, after the election of 2016, did [D]’s and media corps jumpstart a [coordinated & planned] divisive blitz intended to create falsehoods re: illegitimacy of election, character assassination of POTUS through sexism, racism, every other ‘ism’?
How much of the population still believes POTUS colluded w/ RUSSIA due to MSDNC 365-blitz?
No MSDNC retraction of POTUS_RUSSIA collusion narrative [propaganda]? _why?
Pre/post 2016 election?
Why were[are] violent [masked] terror orgs such as Antifa immediately created/funded and allowed to operate within [D] controlled cities [safe-zones]?
Why were these orgs tasked w/ immediate intimidation/shut down of any pro-POTUS rally[s] and/or events?
Why were marches immediately organized to counter and silence pro-POTUS rally[s] and/or events?
Why were marches immediately organized which divided people into sex/gender, race, [ism]?
When you control the levers of news dissemination, you control the narrative.
Control of the narrative = power
When you are blind, what do you see?
They want you divided.
Divided by religion.
Divided by race.
Divided by sex.
Divided by political affiliation.
Divided by class.
When you are divided, and angry, and controlled, you target those ‘different’ from you, not those responsible [controllers].
Divided you are weak.
Divided you pose no threat to their control.
When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or stable [livestock kept – sheep].
When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.
"Free thought" is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.

What is killing American children right now isn't Ymar or prophecies. Or even Mercury Retrograde.

It's humans being divided against humans (well, let's just assume they are human and not bots or slaves of Satan).

Those doing the dividing are responsible for the deaths. The tools are only partially responsible, because guns don't actually kill people.