Alert business owner

The police came pretty fast, but the business owner did a great job in the meantime.


DOuglas2 said...

More details in this article:

The event was a little over 3 years ago, the surveillance video being released upon conviction of the suspect after a plea deal.

I've just spent the last 40 minutes researching when and in what code sections it is OK for a business to have a lock allowing someone to be 'locked in' on a main/only door. This is probably an application not envisioned by the code writers of NFPA-101,*
"Exterior door assemblies shall be permitted to have key-operated locks from the egress side, provided that all of
the following criteria are met. . ."

douglas said...

Nice research D2. So long as the lock requires a key, or other manual activation, and the door otherwise opens with the proper hardware as normal, and fulfills the rest of the code, it's fine. Some banks here (and seems like almost all in Europe) have 'airlocks' at their entrances, that serve as robber traps if activated.

Her calm and collected demeanor was excellent.