Not Even Slightly Fake News

”Americans Excited To Celebrate Their Liberty While Confined To Their Homes By The Government.”
“I sure am glad I live in a free country," said one man in California as he checked his phone to see what the current unilateral mandates by his governor would allow him to do this year....

Guidelines released by governors across the country so far include the following:

Launching fireworks inside
Barbecuing inside
Watching fireworks on YouTube since they're probably illegal in your state anyway
Whispering "God Bless America" so as not to upset your neighbors
Wearing a mask while inside your home to muffle any patriotic songs or statements
Forgoing hamburgers and hot dogs in favor of more sustainable food products like bugs and tofu
Sitting in silence and contemplating how much you hate America


ymarsakar said...

I think I can comprehend your emotional state, even without reading the surface emotions.

I also had a strong patriotic, pro constitutional, loyal to the United States, circa 2007. But I began seeing the internal rot of traitors that were not being dealt with, and people, Left or right, didn't even recognize the problem.

It was like watching a nation destroy itself, when I knew that Civil War 2 was inevitable. Truly Jeremiah's days.

But you know what I found out Grim? A lot of things. 50-90% I don't tell anyone online about.

E Hines said...

During the celebration and speech at Mt Rushmore, CNN did an hour's Anderson Cooper special on human infringement on bat territory and that abuse's effect on the "coronavirus'" impact on the present disaster.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

“I think I can comprehend your emotional state, even without reading the surface emotions.”

I certainly hope so. I wouldn’t be much of a writer if I couldn’t convey patriotism on Independence Day.

ymarsakar said...

A lot of your planned posts have this analytical, third party observer, feeling. As if you are writing about a subject from a first or second hand point of view, but you are not biased towards either side in the conflict.

I refer back to your war journal and topics written at Blackfive over the years. For a journalist or correspondent that makes sense. It's in the comments and the responses you make, that your internal positions stand out more. They are more off the cuff or immediate, without the filter.

But it's almost Independence Day, and I'm not feeling it. I love my country -- not my government, but definitely my country -- and I'm not willing to give it up. I'm willing to run up the black flag, but not quite ready to give up the red, white, and blue one.

You often don't mention your personal allegiances, from a personal stand point at least, in posts that you logically think out. If you didn't write stuff like that, I would still think you aren't thinking about it much at all. It's only because I remember your other posts concerning stuff going back 5-7 years, that the black flag thing pop ups and I think, "oh right, he did cover that".

It's why I liked reading your analytical posts at Blackfive, because they represented an application of Purva Bahdrapada, an Indian astrological symbol for objective judgment or viewing all sides of an argument.

However, that's apparently not how you naturally act or react. Which surprised me many times in our previous historical reactions. The first notably being at BLackfive over your response to a comment I made to a woman that something she wrote reminded me of the metaphysical duality conflict between the Vorlon (Light) and the Shadows (darkness) of Babylon 5. You, having not seen or heard about B5's world, reacted to my comment based on a biblical or traditional viewpoint, which is the very anti thesis of Purva Bhadrapada, or an intel analyst that seeks to view all sides without pre judgment.