A Proposal for Republicans

I've always thought of myself as a Democrat, though my wing of the party -- the originals -- is largely dead. Republicans haven't been much good except for Reagan, not in office; some of them were good in uniform. But it's a difficult time, and perhaps reform is possible.

It's a three point plan.

1) Insist on absolute equality under the law: everyone has exactly and only the same rights. "A colorblind meritocracy."

2) Defend freedom of speech, and not just in terms of the First Amendment but broadly. "Americans have the absolute right to tell the truth."

3) Serve the interests of normal, ordinary people.

Number three is an interesting one; Jimbo has been bending my ear about it for years. It's true that as early as Woodstock -- earlier, I suppose, since the easy reference implies it had been in common usage -- it was ordinary for the American left to define themselves as "freaks." They've marched through a mainstreaming of a lot of what used to be considered freakish behavior: drugs, especially marijuana; radical feminism -- just last week the SCUM manifesto was in the news again; homosexuality, which is now as normal as being a married couple of any kind; currently they're running up on the rocks of the transgender problem, which is a thorny one because it is objectionable to both the feminists and the kind of gays who really did want to be accepted as ordinary married folks.

What if you just wanted to be a cowboy? Or just a guy who raised his family -- you know, the kind of family you produced naturally, with a real man and a real woman bringing forth ordinary children? Maybe you adhere to one of the ancient faiths that don't support all this freakishness, of which there are some several?

I personally have a soft spot for the freaks; I don't dislike them. They probably aren't the right people to have power, though, if indeed anyone is. The best thing is to reduce the incidence of power so that people are left minding their own business by default -- and if they choose freakish business, well, that's theirs and not mine.

Still I think there's something to be said for the proposal of defending normality, though it's a slippery philosophical project and needs limits. It's good to have left/right limits and freedom to maneuver at will between them; it's not good to have any sort of crushing conformity. The project to make people mind their business leads to room for the freaks, but also for the ordinary people who just want to do what they learned from their ancestors. Just let 'em be. They know what they're doing; they're doing the thing that worked for a thousand generations. They'll be all right.

The freaks probably won't be, frankly, because they're running against the received lessons of generations. But that's their lookout. If we can just get them to the place where they stop butting into everyone else's business, they can go run their hazards as they please.


douglas said...

Sounds great. Of course, we can't be left to or own devices, because the left are of two types- the type that crave power over others, and the type that insist on validation of their ways. They won't leave us alone, because to do so would be to give up all they value.

Grim said...

You're right, of course.

ymarsakar said...

It's similar to the problem of insurgencies created by radical, fanatical, fundamentalist Islam.

Even if they are 1 to 3% of the pop, they control the rest of the moderate and peace lovers.

And to get rid of the 3%, you have to go through the 97%.

But by acting against the 97%, you reinforce the narrative of the 3%. In that sense, the FOunding Fathers used the 3% rule to empower the revolution, since apparently 2/3rds of the COlonies, did not want a war or active fight with Britain. 33% was neutral, 33% was loyalist to UK. The rebels didn't want war either, they wanted equal representation on taxes, but ah the 3%, the 3% may have wanted war.

And so they got it because the Britsk ept pushing and pushing and pushing. Almost as if they were stupid.

Anonymous said...

"Ordinary" is greatly underrated in the media, in my opinion. And I write that not just because of all my novel series, the most popular ones are about characters who spend a lot of time trying to be ordinary, decent people who raise families and uphold their faith as best they can. All this despite being in really strange circumstances. People want "ordinary."

Ordinary, decent people are the stable bedrock that allows odd-ducks like me to have a foundation to work from and to use to keep ourselves sort of closer to sane.


E Hines said...

More than reforming either party, it's necessary to reform We the People.

Item 3 is just an excuse for tyranny--who, after all, will define "ordinary?" And with what contempt will those "ordinary" be treated? Herb Croly and Barack Obama come to mind.

Items 1 and 2 already are codified in a couple of key documents; they're honored in the breach--because We the People choose to permit it.

The parties only speak with our voice, and they only say the words we give them.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

I don't think that's true, actually. I think they're both bought by globalist corporate enemies of the people.

Grim said...

That looks rather conspiracy-theorist written down, but I think it is really true. I don't see how this can be fixed without rooting out almost the whole elected government.

douglas said...

I know what you mean- I keep shaking my head at myself as I embrace that thought, as I remember how I not long ago would dismiss such claims as communist conspiracy theory material myself.

I wish I were wrong in my earlier comment, but so it is. That said, it's imperative for the survival of the GOP to start really doing 1 & 2 *in practice*, and not simply lip service, or we'll find we have no need of them.

E Hines said...

I think they're both bought by globalist corporate enemies of the people.


I think they're both bought by globalist corporate enemies of the people.

Absent buying the vote counters, the elections are entirely in our hands. And I've written before that this is a generational struggle, not just an election or two and we're done.

If We the People don't have the endurance for such a struggle, we'll get what we deserve for our lack of heart. This truly is matter of "can't" meaning "too lazy to try," and by failing, we'll have earned the contempt of those deeming themselves our Betters.

Eric Hines

E Hines said...

They won't leave us alone....

It almost doesn't matter that they won't leave us alone: defense can not ever be passive.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

I guess we'll see about endurance; but the problem is baked in as long as we keep looking to the systems they used to build the problem. The candidates running in November were chosen last year with those systems. Identify the problem ones, and you still will see them almost all re-elected.

There are other methods for more rapid change, but so far the right is not organized to engage them. Not even defensively.

ymarsakar said...

Only sounds like c if you go 10% ymar. No worries as 50 and 100 are far away atm.

Rooting out yes. System is corrupted. Rulers art unseen. Just read q trump and flynn.

ymarsakar said...

but the problem is baked in as long as we keep looking to the systems they used to build the problem.

That is precisely the issue, plus other additional problems.

If you do not kill or terminate the Leftist alliance, they won't leave you alone. And that means IRS suppresses conservatives trying to do Tea Party stuff.

Normal America is: Leave us alone, we leave you alone.

AU Contrair,e if you leave Leftist sand Deep State alone, they kill you. Literally.

Are the dead ones in nursing homes under Demoncrat governors, gonna vote or do some political movement? Nope. Only dead peeps vote for is Demoncrat.

Is Epstein gonna unEpstein himself and vote D again? NOPE.

Are the people victimized by domestic terrorists glad in black hoods (not white hoods KKK haha) gonna have enough assets and liberty to do much organizing?

Authorize the death of Deep State and Leftist alliance... and at least you'll have a chance of preserving the (dead) republic. But right now, there's not much that can be done.

Even Trump, the so called most powerful leader of the free world is...

These aren't Clown based fantasies created for entertainment. This is the real world. It always was. Just some of us saw it and others did not.

ymarsakar said...

As for why I keep saying the Republic is dead... well, that probably needs some unpacking later, but not days before July 4th.

I have good reasons. Not believable reasons perhaps, but true ones none theless.