I like Barr

I admire his professional performance as well as his skill in responding to hostile questions.  He knows why he does what he does, and he remains rational under fire.


J Melcher said...

Riding my hobby horse on a topic that doesn't pertain...

If democracy is important; if voting is a secular sacrament; if "consent of the governed" is determined by ballots and if the federal government is the watchdog of state-level violations of individuals' civil rights, then THIS deserves more attention:


ymarsakar said...

a lot of conservatives did not even think vote fraud was a big problem in 2015.

Ignoring enemy is unwise in war

E Hines said...

NLMSM isn't going to talk about anything that suggests Orange Man not so bad.

Eric Hines

raven said...

Yikes. 20% rejected.
OK- How about we go back to the basics- vote in person, with ID, get a blue dyed finger to confirm. End of story.

The simpler things are , the less opportunity to game the system.

And like everything else in life, winning through fraud has an unexpected consequence-
if the losers believe they have been defrauded, why should they accept the outcome, or any ruling coming from it? The fraudsters destroy the entire premise of representative government on the road to "winning". A invitation to war.

Grim said...

Well, they know they're inviting war; that's why they're building armed Marxist groups to take charge of our major cities.

bc said...

Read and weep or celebrate on the end of American values. By your choice between the two will the content of your character be known.



Grim said...

I think I probably know a lot more about the clandestine intelligence collection and analysis process than you, so forgive me if I don't take your views on its moral considerations at all seriously. If you knew what you were talking about, perhaps I might.

Grim said...

As for Barr, I don't know about how much I like him; though his skill at the bagpipes is worthy of admiration. I do think he's actually trying to save his institutions, honorably according to his lights. Whether they deserve to survive is another matter.

ymarsakar said...

that's why they're building armed Marxist groups to take charge of our major cities.

Those are just cannon fodder. The real elite death squads are either underground, destroyed by US military spec ops (shadow programs special access) or tied in other ways by my faction or Q's.

Now that SOros' paid bully boys have been deployed, just like the Tet Offensive, they gonna lose those bois.

Was it worth it merely as a distraction? We'll see what we see. 2020 ain't over.

ymarsakar said...

Since The New York Times broke the news that Russia’s GRU had been placing bounties on US and coalition forces in Afghanistan, bounties that were being pursued by the Taliban and Taliban aligned militias, the reporting has evolved. Within several hours The Washington Post had confirmed the reporting. This was followed by Fox News. Then CNN confirmed and expanded the reporting to include that our EU allies intelligence services had also confirmed the original reporting. The New York Times has now confirmed CNN’s expansion of their reporting. As has Sky News, also a Murdoch property like Fox News. NBC News has also confirmed the reporting. Finally, The NY Times is now reporting that US Special Operations Forces and military intelligence had reported this information up their chains of command as early as January this year.

Here we go again, Grim. From the article linked above. THe New York Times!! It must be true!?

No. Well, rather, it is partially true and mostly a disinformation psychological operation. Targeting who? Trump and his supporters. Trying to gin up a war with RUssia, to distract, just like North Korea, just like Iran, etc.

As for what the Russians are actually doing... well, not even they know. THeir left hand does not know what the right does. Maybe that's true of AMerica vis a vis the deep state too, heh.

So Russia... or Deep State? Stalking horse or actual horse? False flag, or actual Russian flag, American flag?

These questions, human sheep slaves don't ask, let alone can answer. WHich is why we have balloon juice over there talking about the NYTimes.

If the main sewer media tomorrow started writing that Ymar is a prophet of god, I would have to destroy that title and go dark. Because that would be an obvious sign of a targeted operation.

ymarsakar said...

We know, from previous reporting, that the President does not and will not read his PDB.

If I was Trump, I would go for the daily brief by Q classification level and military patriots, not from the potentially turned and corrupted NSA/FBI/CIA/whatever.

Besides, our intel is far more powerful and accurate. By "our" I mean this network of sleeper cells that may or may not be aware of each other, each cell also connected to their alliance. Certain "leaks" like Trump tower was being surveiled... oh that must not be reliable because it wasn't in PD whatever. Actually...

Why do they have to leak info the President or nominee? Because the official channels are what is the term... compromised?

The LEftist alliance is not operating alone. The Deep State is not operating alone. You think these cowards would do what they do, unless they knew support was backing them or potentially around the corner? Just like Vietnam fighting America, they only do so because Russians/Chinese commies backed them.

ymarsakar said...

OK- How about we go back to the basics- vote in person, with ID, get a blue dyed finger to confirm. End of story.

That's actually most of the reason why Demoncrats were ordered to put a stop to the Iraq freedom experiment.

They didn't like what they were seeing on the ground there. It was problematic. US military utilizing COIN to counter insurgents and terrorists controlling Iraqi cities and the police forces?

THe Leftists got scared, cause they knew that's what it would take to get Leftists out of US cities. They didn't want the US military getting that knowledge and potentially bringing it back home. Even Hussein said Leftists needed a civilian SECURITY FORCE.