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Wednesday. It is Wednesday, isn't it?


ymarsakar said...

Still is. It may be 2021 before you know it, Grim!


The biggest update today I have for people are the last 3 I wrote there.



That is the recent FLynn tweet as of June 30th, which also links to another popular and hot link.

These things closely and intimately connects with some of my previous writing and analysis, concerning Q's activation of their guerilla insurgents on twitter, using the #taketheoath hash or some such.

Just streams and streams and streams of people posting a twitter or short clip of themselves, taking the oath to defend the US Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic, as well as "help me god".

This is very strong spiritual and magical energy, enough to fuel a shield against a nuke or asteroid fall.

What if the Cabal pushes the nuclear/asteroid doomsday button? I will be ready.

In previous Ymar world briefings, I have wondered openly why the Deep State invested so many resources into attacking G Flynn, given there were other soft targets that could harm Trump. As I saw the amount of effort DS utilized and continued to utilize with Sullivan tool, I got the revelation or intuitive conclusion that FLynn knows something. Something very important. And so long as he was under prosecution, he was gagged, like IRS vs Tea Party. Why did we not know that the IRS had suppressed the Tea Party via 403 funding? Because they were gagged by court order. Secret trials, grim? About the same in equivalence and use.

I cannot over state the strategic importance of these series of events.

Especially as Flynn, Q, and Vigano, and Trump, have all used directly or indirectly via support of, this "Children of darkness vs children of light" concept.

They have not gone Full Ymar, yet, Grim, but they are getting closer, aren't they.

ymarsakar said...

Counter: Q has made a lot of statements and drops that have not come true.

Y: In war, the paper plans don't survive contact with enemy. Even amateurs and armchairs should know that by now.

I don't use Q as a "source". He, or rather They, are allies.

My knowledge of these events or operations are not based on "Internet Keyboard" rumors and fantasies. They are properly sourced.

It's just that I am crunching these different data points using parallel reality processing and aid, which surpasses even the PC I custom built and am using now. 2019 technology is truly fearsome, from humanity.

I gave up trying to make sense to people, since even the high genius IQs and even higher, can't figure it out.

So, it's up to Trump and Q's official information channels to "show" people what is going on. That will be easier to convince them. Yeshua's prophetic prediction was that everyone would see him right?

Seeing is believing. The biblical story wasn't "I will get out a bible written by English people, a language I never used, and have a theological debate with human governments to convince them". THat wasn't the end times story.

And no, they are not anonymous sources. Well, other than my god and the Holy Spirit. THey are pretty anonymous.

Trump's twitter feed is not anonymous. Vigano's letters are not anonymous, certainly not when Trump tweeted them. Q is anonymous, yes, but I don't rely on him for intel drops. Flynn is not anonymous though. His lawyer is not anonymous.

I have my own networks that I trust, that isn't connected to any of this. And I have my own personal resources.

I read your amazon bio, Grim, so I have a slightly better idea of what makes sense to someone with your background.

Grim said...

That bio is all true, though it was rather more over-the-top as a description than I'd prefer. But you're supposed to sound interesting so that people might want to read your books.

ymarsakar said...

I thought it was rather subdued, for OPSEC reasons. Then again, perhaps my version of "over the top" isn't quite normalized.

After all, those bits of the bio does not really inform the reader why this author writes about the Arthurian magic/legends/traditions.

There's this guy called Hallet that says the current British royals are illegitimate. Will Arthur or his son really come to the salvation of britain in their hour of need?

Interesting pov, from UK viewpoint.

I have had to "vet" every person or source I got online, over the decades. So I got so used to figuring out whether people were lying or being deceived by some other party, that I just plain forgot how to communicate this as its own subject skill.

As time goes on, Trump makes less and less sense to people, even his supporters. But it is the opposite for me. Given what Iknow and have verified, his recent actions or 2020 actions, are perfectly logical.

Even if the elections are suspended, even if Trump dies... my prophecy cannot be stopped, because it does not come from me.

ymarsakar said...

I wrote before that if the parents of a child lied about there being Satan Clause... I mean Santa Clause, then all they had to do to make it the truth was to assume the role of S C and drop the gifts.

Gifts can be sent to the entire world's children given human technology.

If humanity is not going to give itself justice, I will just do the job or help do it, myself by taking the field.

If that sounds crazy... well, Ymar hasn't been "normal", people have told me, for some time now.

If people think humanity is crazy now in US cities... wait until the Divine Power descends.

Different people call it different things, but I don't use those terms unless I am talking 1 on 1 with them.

But it is biblical at least.

I can understand the fear/despair and low morale of other people in America. But I can't participate. I know too much. As Yuri said once.

ymarsakar said...

Lunar eclipse, July 4-5th.

Expect something interesting.

I recommend avoiding crowds, cities, and fireworks.

If people want their july 4th celebration, just prepare your other "fire" work, meaning arms. Kind of hard to listen to popshots with those fire stuff going off overhead.

Also economically, it's time to take your money out of the stock market while it is at all time highs. Haha. Remmeber January/Februar all time highs? Here we go again.

Grim said...

“After all, those bits of the bio does not really inform the reader why this author writes about the Arthurian magic/legends/traditions.”

That’s a good point. I should try to explain that, if I am able. I don’t know why; except that, as Aristotle says, the most worthy inquiry is into the highest things. I’ve always felt that the Arthurian tradition was the closest road in several languages.

Ymarsakar said...

I mostly see the why i wrote it, in the after word. Japan has a lot of them and i always like author breaking 4th wall and telling his story after the end of the story. Gives more context.