Talking About the Queen Again

And on Memorial Day.


ymarsakar said...

Again with the NYTimes propaganda point of contact.

Incredibly, the Queen of England is in some kind of legal trouble now about kids.

Grim said...

You have been here long enough to know the reference.

ymarsakar said...

Actually I missed that one. I thought you were thinking "keep your allies close, but your enemies closer".

The tactics of beating on people, whether armed or unarmed, is inefficient by my standards. As Trum recently mentioned on twitter, 1-2 million US fatalities. That is the kind of mass casualty event that is playing for big stakes. Deep State and anti Deep State.

ymarsakar said...

I find it a little bit strange that P Trum is talking about Obamagate. It sounds strangely like what I was telling you x years ago, Grim, back when we were talking about "red flag" or "red scenarios" concerning a military/terrorist base attack.

I was of the view that Hussein=traitor, but you didn't want to go there... yet. I do not know ahead of time that these things will come to be accepted as true. I just intuitively know them and I have learned to trust that instinct and gut, as any warrior has to learn.