Have a Grateful Memorial Day

When someone says "Have a happy Memorial Day", it always sounds a little odd.  I saw "Have a <i>grateful</i> Memorial Day" recently, and thought that was perfect.

One reason we erect statues of great historical figures is out of gratitude for their service.  One fine example, and that seems especially fitting for the Hall on Memorial Day is this one-
The Darby Legacy Monument, for BGen William O. Darby, of Darby's Rangers, KIA 30 April 1945 in Torbole, Italy.
The monument features a statue in the form of the classic equestrian statue, but with a twist- General Darby is astride an iron horse instead of one of flesh and bone.  Unique and noble.

So, have a grateful Memorial Day, everyone.  If you're lucky enough to have a steed- either steel or flesh- perhaps go for a ride to celebrate their memories.

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