Crisis in NYC

If the Big Apple doesn't get buckets of federal tax dollars, they'll have to make painful changes in how they do things.

Why don't they just raise taxes on the rich?

It's best for them if they don't get the money.  It's awful to think of the anguish they'd have to endure, considering how they despise the source of the largesse.


E Hines said...

Channeling Gerald Ford, as presented by the Daily News: Hines to New York: Drop Dead.

Eric Hines

ymarsakar said...

Death is too good at this stage. People must live... so that they will learn from their suffering, enough to graduate or at least approach graduation.

The Divine Councils have already did the whole reset humanity plan with the Divine Flood. Numerous times, even. Since that isn't working out, it seems, there's another alternative.

Aggie said...

ICYMI, all of the blue states with metastasizing debt levels are counting big time on winning in November to open the Big Bailout Taps. They're already pulling together spending plans and ordering desk calculators with extended numerical displays and extra decimal places.

Aggie said...

And just to nail it, 'counting big time on winning' actually means 'winning on counting big in November', when it comes to the vote.