Rednecks with AR-15s, Or, "Free Americans"

What are they doing at the riots? Supporting the protests but also protecting stores from being looted, if you take them at their word. Worth watching.


ymarsakar said...

Some slaves are rioting? Interesting. Heard from Candace O on twitter.

I am sure Soros stirred them up, as usual. Plenty of bus transports to ship in another 5,000 "agent provocateurs", same with the Border South.

ymarsakar said...

Wait... is that a stainless steel blade on a shoulder strap the young guy behind the AR 15 guys, has?


Let me watch it again.

Dag, it is shiny. The way it is now, it either has a mirror polish on a 1045 steel high carbon, or it really is stainless steel.

My high carbon steels are no where near that shiny reflective except under direct sunlight.

Why does he have it half drawn out? Is he trying to aggro or tank the entire street, let the red necks do that. If he wants a stealth defense posture, he can just use the entire shealth, it is all nice and black already. That can block or interpose the first physical attack. Having that much shinny on you in a firefight is not necessarily a good idea, you might catch some "stray shots" that people intended for the big guns.