Memorial Day Ride

Taking Douglas’ suggestion, I took a ride today. This is Bear Lake.

Looking East

Looking South

Bear Lake is near the mountain town of Cashiers, where I stopped for lunch at the newly-reopened (for outdoor seating only) Ugly Dog Pub. This was the first meal I’ve had seated at a restaurant in months. 

After lunch came the ride home, for an evening cookout. 


douglas said...

Looks like a wonderful day. I was unable to, but nonetheless had a wonderful day as well.
My suggestion was almost a joke- I kind of figured you'd be doing so one way or another!

Oh, and *love* that double Adirondack glider. Set in front of a nice fire- That's just perfect.

Grim said...

That is a heavier piece of furniture than I would usually own. It has a sad story, but one appropriate for Memorial Day. My father, who was an Army drill sergeant during Vietnam, bought that for himself and my mother. Tragically they never once used it; it was delivered just after his admission to the hospital from which he never returned.

My mother moved out West, and left it for us to use instead. We have used it often in the warmer weather.