Word Has Gotten Around

So that tobacco store that didn’t get burned down last night like everything else, because the two “rednecks” guarded it with rifles?  The community appears to have learned the lesson.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Calmly doing the right thing.

Texan99 said...


ymarsakar said...

2020 isn't over folks.

While I may not make the May Deadline in our little bet with Grim... that does not mean I lack confidence in operational security.

Anonymous said...


A pawn shop owner was arrested and his shop left unsecured by police after he shot and killed someone


raven said...

And what is property but life effort? If some SOB steals from me, he is stealing not just an object, but all the days or years I labored to obtain it. Can he reimburse me for that? For all the weekends, late nights, lost opportunities?

They should have given the pawn shop owner a medal.

The more I think on it, the more I believe the USA is a forest filled with deadwood, allowed to accumulate due to fire suppression, and it is now one spark away from a conflagration that will burn it to the deck.

My freight rates got re-classified. 30% increase in cost. The relevant document pertaining to freight codes filled with minutia , sub sections and arcane classifications look like they were written by devotees of the IRS. From every direction sand is being poured into the gearbox of productivity, by those who's sole function in life is to sit behind a desk, be paid with other peoples money, and make shit up to justify their positions.

Grim said...

MN as a government has fallen out of order with the natural law. Police behaved like tyrants, then fled their duty leaving citizens exposed to a mob; then managed to arrest only a man minding his business (literally), protecting his property when the state failed in its duty to do it.

How many of our states are similarly bent away from the order embedded in the natural law our Founders cited?

Anonymous said...

For a while I lived in a duty-to-retreat state. Happily for my peace of mind, it shifted to castle doctrine three years after I moved there, and eventually became a "may issue" state. However, part of the state pretty much ignored duty-to-retreat and the county sheriffs didn't get their knickers in knots if people protected themselves and their livestock.

I prefer that system.


Ymar Sakar said...

State of Minnesota Takes Over Minneapolis Operations in Bid to Quell Riots https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/state-of-minnesota-takes-over-minneapolis-operations-in-bid-to-quell-riots_3369555.html

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What say you grim? Does not look like fallujah 2 more like mini sunni triangle looting and paid insurgents qods force involved.

Grim said...

Fallujah 2 was characterized by main battle tanks blowing holes in buildings while protected by infantry screens, which then cleared the buildings house-to-house. Attack helicopters provided support fire with chain guns and missiles, as did heavy artillery. They did this because they faced intense, trained, dug-in opposition.

None of that has happened or is likely to happen. Martial law conducted under ROE appropriate to a CONUS deployment doesn’t look like Fallujah 2, even if people are wearing uniforms.

Ymar Sakar said...

The news does not know it has happened. The whole reason i brought up the underground. These operations are still classiefied, opsec, need to know. They still are not releasing the intel acquired. Flynn and o gate takes priority.

Gringo said...

MN as a government has fallen out of order with the natural law. Police behaved like tyrants, then fled their duty leaving citizens exposed to a mob; then managed to arrest only a man minding his business (literally), protecting his property when the state failed in its duty to do it.

This is far from the only recent example of dysfunctional governance in the Twin Cities. St. Paul schools changed discipline policy to ease up on misbehaving students who were black, with disastrous results. The Chilean-born school superintendent got bought out to the tune of - was it a half million? One irony of letting her go through with the new discipline policy was that she had already had a policy failure. She had put ESL students into regular classrooms, with good results. No surprise- that is what Texas has been doing for decades. She then concluded that as placement into regular classrooms worked for ESL students, the same would also work for Special Ed students. The problem here is that the two sets of students are not analogous. The main difference between ESL students and regular students is lack of knowledge of English- a gap that greatly diminishes with time. There are mental and behavioral differences between Special Ed students and regular students- and those differences generally do not diminish with time. The placement of Special Ed students into regular classrooms did not end up well.

Nor is this the only recent example of Minneapolis police falling short of their professional duties. Several years ago, a Minneapolis cop, a Somali, killed an Australian woman who had called 911. After Somali Cop Kills White Woman, Second Minneapolis Muslim Cop Arrested For Sick Crime.
As the left forces diversity in the workforce, countless unqualified individuals are given the stamp of approval for none other than their skin color or religious affiliation. This became clear on July 15 when Somali Muslim police officer Noor shot and killed Australian native Damond because she allegedly “startled” him after requesting police assistance outside her home.
(Soon, however, Noor’s extensive criminal history surfaced, revealing that he has a penchant for physically assaulting women and a racial hatred toward black Americans. Now, the same police department has another eerily similar incident on their hands, and they’re doing as much damage control as humanly possible to keep the media and American people from finding out.
In a shock report that was quietly swept under the rug by the mainstream media, Police Cadet Ahmed Mohamed Jama, 29, was arrested and detained for threatening to shoot and kill his wife the night before being sworn in as a Minneapolis Police Officer. The police report states that Jama told his wife that he was going to “shoot her in the head” without fear of reprimand because he knew he would “get away with it,” local outlet Fox9 reports.

If they keep electing liberal Democrats, the initiators of such disastrous policies, they get what they deserve.

It would be interesting to see what Garrison Keillor, late of the Prairie Home Companion, would say about the above examples of dysfunctional liberal policies.