Civility Again

Col. Kurt:
“Civility is important,” we barbarians are duly informed, because of course it is. But we have noticed, over time, that in reality it only seems to be important when we are the ones breaching it. For us, it is open season.
I'm a very civil person, and people are nice to me too. I assume they're responding to my good manners and friendly nature, and not to the big beard or the knife on my belt. Still, one way or the other, I generally have only civil conversations. It's a nice way to live.

That said, this Memorial Day weekend they decided to run a column accusing the US military of "celebrating white supremacism." I'm not the least bit interested in their opinions on civility right now.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Left hand, right hand.

It matters.

Grim said...

If it matters, I'm capable with both hands. Metaphorically as well as otherwise; I've read Kant and Hegel and Marx, as well as Aristotle. The old heraldic way was right when it gave the left hand as sinister.