Real Violence

Maybe this is what Ms. Cooper was expecting from the police? If so, there’s a problem, though I am not convinced the problem is reducible to racism.


E Hines said...

What the video displays is pretty damning for the policemen involved. The policemen apparently had stopped the man on suspicion of a nonviolent crime. They claim he resisted arrest.

However, the two policemen in the video segment being bruited about on the television news programming don't appear the least bit concerned by any threat from the man. One is just casually kneeling on the man's neck, and the other is just as casually standing around more or less watching, with his thumb figuratively located.

Still, a single video, covering only part of an incident, can't be taken as dispositive.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

I could tell you his address, if you wanted to ride up and ask him. He’s been doxxed, even as riots are breaking out in town.

Which, you know, he might have a family at that address. It’s pretty irresponsible to put it out.

douglas said...

More and more it seems we're living in a time of mob rule, at every level.
There was the incident in Staten Island where people shouted an unmasked woman out of a market. Whatever you think about the mask issue, it was pretty ugly.
And of course we have the whole charade in DC with two sets of laws, apparently.

Grim said...

Currently in many places it is illegal to wear a mask in public (formally, according to the laws duly passed by legislatures and signed into law decades ago); and also ‘illegal’ not to wear them (according to the model on which a gubernatorial order can somehow bypass the lawmakers, at least temporarily; but how long?).

The other day I encountered store that is refusing to take cash as payment, supposedly because it is a vector for virus spread. I believe that a violation of Federal law, which holds that cash is legal tender for the settlement of all debts public or private. But apparently there are no laws anymore; it’s just a question of what those in power locally want to do. That can be a governor, a mob, or a corporate policy.

MikeD said...

Businesses are not required to accept cash (except in certain State laws). Nor does their refusal to accept cash obviate the debt (as some armchair lawyers believe).


Grim said...

I said “I believe” because it is something I have always heard. But I suppose it is not surprising to learn that the common understanding of the law is not the law precisely.

ymarsakar said...

Grim... if it was, no need to pay lawyers much.

People will need to give up their country and nationalism... if they want to preserve whatever divine qualities are in the US Constitution.

Which is more important... tradition and government Bible called the US Constitution, or the principles held by the Founding Fathers?

Tricky. Same thing that the Hebrews faced. We know which route they decided to go down.

ymarsakar said...

Many sons and daughters of god incarnated into human form, and were promptly hunted down by people's ancestors, killed, tortured, burned alive by your mobs.

We have not forgotten.