Advance notice

This is interesting, if it's not just someone cherrypicking:


Unknown said...

"this could (and probably will) be a very significant advance in tracking the disease, and I can see it being useful to public health officials in informing decisions about loosening stay-at-home rules, or bringing restrictions back if the infection-rate goes up again in the future."

That's what I said about this on April 9 at AVI's place:


Texan99 said...

It could also be a nifty way to get an advance look at how today's strategies are working: when you're on the downslope, you can guess how big a decrease in cases you may be seeing a week from now.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I believe Stockholm, the poster child for herd immunity is at about 7% at present, and Boston is only at about 10%. We do keep getting odd reports of CoVid positives from months ago, back in 2019. But not many. Also, reports that it is far more widespread than advertised. False positives? Different strains of the virus? We still don't know. Something odd is happening here.

The death numbers are slowly decreasing, so that's good. Everyone is just looking to see if any locality starts to rise again. For some, that's politics, but I would be curious about it wherever it occurs.