Minneapolis goes down the tubes

And Los Angeles, Columbus, Louisville, New York City, Atlanta, Charlotte are trying to follow.


Gringo said...

I am going to repost this, as it's relevant to the discussion.

MN as a government has fallen out of order with the natural law. Police behaved like tyrants, then fled their duty leaving citizens exposed to a mob; then managed to arrest only a man minding his business (literally), protecting his property when the state failed in its duty to do it.

This is far from the only recent example of dysfunctional governance in the Twin Cities. St. Paul schools changed discipline policy to ease up on misbehaving students who were black, with disastrous results. The Chilean-born school superintendent got bought out to the tune of - was it a half million? One irony of letting her go through with the new discipline policy was that she had already had a policy failure. She had put ESL students into regular classrooms, with good results. No surprise- that is what Texas has been doing for decades. In some states, "bilingual" students remain in their own classrooms for years, while in Texas, policy is to have them in one no more than a year or two) She then concluded that as placement into regular classrooms worked for ESL students, the same would also work for Special Ed students. The problem here is that the two sets of students are not analogous. The main difference between ESL students and regular students is lack of knowledge of English- a gap that greatly diminishes with time. There are mental and behavioral differences between Special Ed students and regular students- and those differences generally do not diminish with time. The placement of Special Ed students into regular classrooms did not end up well.

Nor is this the only recent example of Minneapolis police falling short of their professional duties. Several years ago, a Minneapolis cop, a Somali, killed an Australian woman who had called 911. After Somali Cop Kills White Woman, Second Minneapolis Muslim Cop Arrested For Sick Crime.

As the left forces diversity in the workforce, countless unqualified individuals are given the stamp of approval for none other than their skin color or religious affiliation. This became clear on July 15 when Somali Muslim police officer Noor shot and killed Australian native Damond because she allegedly “startled” him after requesting police assistance outside her home.
(Soon, however, Noor’s extensive criminal history surfaced, revealing that he has a penchant for physically assaulting women and a racial hatred toward black Americans. Now, the same police department has another eerily similar incident on their hands, and they’re doing as much damage control as humanly possible to keep the media and American people from finding out.
In a shock report that was quietly swept under the rug by the mainstream media, Police Cadet Ahmed Mohamed Jama, 29, was arrested and detained for threatening to shoot and kill his wife the night before being sworn in as a Minneapolis Police Officer. The police report states that Jama told his wife that he was going to “shoot her in the head” without fear of reprimand because he knew he would “get away with it,” local outlet Fox9 reports.

If they keep electing liberal Democrats, the initiators of such disastrous policies, they get what they deserve. For nearly 60 years, Minneapolis has had Democrat Mayors.

It would be interesting to see what Twin Cities' relic Garrison Keillor, late of the Prairie Home Companion, would say about the above examples of dysfunctional liberal policies.

E Hines said...

And there's this.


This is some of the shooting, if only metaphorically, that looters do when they start their looting and firing. I don't agree that the local government or the rioters don't know about this, don't think about this. The one simply doesn't give a rat's patootie about such wholly unimportant collateral damage. The other inflicts it on purpose to emphasize their petty little...message.

Eric Hines

Dad29 said...

It is obvious that Antifa has become involved--and rather quickly.

Means they're embedded nation-wide.

E Hines said...

Means they're [Antifa] embedded nation-wide.

They have been since their inception. It's just that some jurisdictions have better answers than others.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

But some good news: the SpaceX launch was flawless.

E Hines said...

Got the first stage back, successfully recovered, too.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

Atlanta has a mayor and some local cultural icons who seem to be responding well. They may at least succeed in disaggregating BLM from Antifa. That would at least remove the cover, and force the Antifa crowd to stand forward in the limelight.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

@ Gringo - there were no riots over the killing of Justine Diamond.

Anonymous said...

I wish the police, the national guard, and the "military" as Dear Leader calls them, had dealt with previous such insurrections just as hard. I seem to recall the Malheur national wildlife park being assaulted, occupied, and trashed by armed terrorists some years ago. Y'all no doubt cheered on the Government eliminating that threat. Didn't you?

Oh, and here's something for your delectation. Something most of you no doubt will want to enact this fine weekend.


bc said...

Or emulate this exemplar of Blue Lives Matter:



Texan99 said...

Not really taking your point.

Grim said...

He hasn’t bothered to understand your position, which makes his attempt to refute it incoherent. Also he’s floating a conspiracy theory that the local police claim they’ve refuted (though why we’d believe them is a mystery).


ymarsakar said...

Well, humans seem to think it is the apocalypse. Well, bring it on. Let's see who is stronger, the Cabal or the Divine gods of light.


Also, this video is a great showing of what people talked about here before. Combat range, controlling people/threats, appropriate response or rules of engagement. This is private security, which at least means civilian training if not former military. Notice how this guy doesn't need to put his knee on someone's neck for minutes at a time to get the job done.

Not police academy trained.

Weapons like AR 15s have a minimum range. He understands that intuitively, as he engages past the distance.

ymarsakar said...

Grim, I saw that theory. The face was too well covered so I have no idea how he was identified. But if a second witness says those clothes and gas mask are hers... that's kind of problematic.

That gas mask isn't really common.

I am quite amused at how easily controlled these American slaves are. What else is coming? 2020 ain't over folks!

There's no Fallujah II released by President Trum yet... but what about the rest of America's cities? Going up in smoke and Burning, huh...

Well, this area of Georgia is not for sale.

Grim said...

That police might be infiltrating the riots with undercover agents is likely enough. That they might be encouraging crimes so that they’ll have ground to arrest is likely if the first surmise is true (so less likely, because the probability of the second has to be multiplied by the probability of the first).

That they might actually have been trying to start a riot through independent action is less likely. Maybe to give apparent cause to justify a harsh crackdown; but none seems to have been planned.

Now that _someone_ might have seen provocateurs to provoke a riot — as opposed to the police department themselves— that seems quite plausible.

Ymar Sakar said...

There is usually a tacit agreement between leftist pol police chiefs, and their mobs. Chicago, cali protests. Conservatives get arrested and swated. But nothing happens to the leftist antifa. Another stand down order like benghazi.

Collusion between leftist leos and left8st mafia goons