American Muslim Assimilation is Rapid

So reports Cato on its recent findings. The usual caveats about polling data apply, but they speak to some of them towards the end of the piece -- particularly the claim that these results come from lying to pollsters.

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Anonymous said...

What's the difference between us, the US, and Europe? Is it the selection of immigrant peoples? Is it the more recent immigrants (glad to have escaped the old country) vs later generations of immigrants tending toward extremism (romantic past)? Is it percentage of the population (external pressures to conform)? Is it we are more welcoming and as such they assimilate quicker?

Can we get an idea by looking at higher Muslim concentration groups and get an idea where this leads in our country, and is the result good? Are they voting in group for their group (ala Keith Ellison) and even though they personally want freedom, are voting for policies which bring the old country with them?

-Stc Michael