Happiness, German and American

The orchestral music identification video ended with an honorable mention by Robert Schumann called "The Happy Farmer."

Here's the American version of the same idea, "The Happy Camper." This is written and performed by the Reverend Horton Heat.

Happy Friday.


Gringo said...

When I think of American adaptations of The Happy Farmer, I think of Red Wing.

Roy Hogsed performs Red Wing.
David Allan Coe performs Pretty Red Wing.
This may be the earliest: Dudley and Mcdonough:Red Wing 1907.

Gringo said...

Another Happy Farmer/Red Wing clone, courtesy of Woody Guthrie: Union Maid.

While I am not a union fan- I am also a former union member- this song could lead me to march for a union. Pretty good propagandist, that Woody. Or should I say, polemicist.

Grim said...

I'm always glad when you drop by with musical advice, Gringo.