Democrats: Trump Doesn't Go Far Enough

So says Vox.
“Trade is at the core of our economic agenda,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement ahead of the formal launch. “We’re going to propose a better deal for American workers — one that puts their well-being at the center of our trade laws, not just the bottom line of huge corporations. Our trade laws have shortchanged American workers for far too long, and we Democrats are aiming to change that.”

The most striking proposal is a call for the creation of an “American Jobs Security Council,” a body that would review and potentially bar foreign purchases of American companies if they are deemed to be a major threat to American jobs.

That kind of scrutiny and interference with foreign investment would be unprecedented for the United States, says Edward Alden, a trade expert and senior fellow at the nonpartisan Council on Foreign Relations.
I wonder what they'll do when they figure out that his immigration policy is even more popular among their blue-collar target voter demographic than his protectionist policies?


Anonymous said...

Create a better and more sensible immigration policy?

Grim said...

Anything's possible, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

The announcements about the new Democratic Party positions were greeted with shrieks of laughter by the kiddies over at The_Donald of Reddit. The obvious similarities to Trump's policy proposals was apparent to all, and resulted in a wave of cartoons (they call them "memes").

Also amusing was the response to the release of transcripts of phone calls between the POTUS and foreign leaders, particularly the one with the Mexican president. Although the Washington Post did yeoman's work by publishing their framing messages alongside the transcripts, (and followed up with editorials on both the front and opinion pages), the kiddies blithely ignored those, and gleefully pointed out that DJT has the same public and private positions.

It might be worthwhile to note that, while T_D is loaded with males 14-25 years of age, its denizens include all sorts of people, including a swarm of those with technical savvy. The front page of T_D has a subscription count of just under half a million, but some months ago some enterprising statisticians found the advertiser's page that listed the number of subscribers as more like 6M. Reddit routinely notices when a given person (computer) has different user names, so these numbers are believed to relate fairly closely to distinct individuals. Statistical analysis showed that the activity level of the site was more consistent with 6M number than with the then-posted 300K or so.

The Democrats at the national level have yet to confront the dismaying facts that Americans generally, including nominal Democratic votes, are repulsed by the notion that a politician should have a public and a private position, and further that such contemptuous deception of the American voters is becoming less and less easy to accomplish.

I hope the Democrats see fit to clean house. I would very much like to see a loyal opposition. The present set of politicians at the national level are not loyal to this country, but pursue their personal interests. This is unacceptable to me.