Round the Mull of Kintyre

A retelling of the story of how the Kings of Norway lost the Hebrides to the Kings of Scotland.

Some appropriate music.


Lars Walker said...

This king Haakon was, in infancy, the child famous for being rescued by members of the "Birkebeiner" faction in the Norwegian civil wars. There's a famous painting of two Birkebeiners on skis carrying him over the mountains to safety in Trondheim. (A recent Norwegian film, "The Lost King," presents a highly fictionalized version of the story.)

Lars Walker said...

Make that "The Last King."

Gringo said...

The mention of King Haakon reminds me of when I met someone named Haakon. When I was a hippie eco-activist in Berserkely, I worked with a twenty-something guy named Haakon Chevalier. I forget precisely how I discovered this- probably from reading the names on one or more lefty petitions which were then very common- there was an older Haakon Chevalier Sr. I asked Haakon the younger if Haakon Chevalier Sr. was his father. Yes, he was.

Years later, I took the effort to find out that Haakon Chevalier Sr. was a somewhat famous writer and translator. When he was a professor at Berkeley, he was friends with Robert Oppenheimer. Chevalier was accused not only of being a Commie, but of also soliciting atomic secrets on the behalf of another lefty who didn't have good connections w Oppenheimer but had good connections w the Russians. Haakon left his position at Berkeley and moved to Paris. At least part of those allegations are true. How much, I leave to historians.