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ymarsakar said...

Not much going on.


JK Rowling started edging against trans gaystapo.

Trump is still behaving rather strangely. He's mostly ignoring the cities burning down. All federal, hands off, State right mode.

It's like he doesn't want to deploy troops because his loyalist units are limited. He didn't take the Korea or Iran bait, true, but that could just be due to foreign adventures he wishes to avoid. But COIN in AMerican cities? He can't avoid that, even after the election.

But he's still stumping for Republicans and going for logistics first. Strategy and tactics, I do not see any movement there in response to BLM. BLM is a distraction, a decoy even. It's not the Second Wave of Corona event 2020. That comes after June 13/16th.

In other words, stock market will likely crash again mini wise. Already did but recovered in a pull back today Friday.

ymarsakar said...

And in fact, I strongly suspect these market crashes are... rigged.

Because it is done in pre market trading, not full market trading. SOmehow they use an AI algorithm to crash the prices by 5-10%.

NOt just for one stock, all the stocks of all the fields.

Even for stocks that normally are resistant to "market economy fears".

ymarsakar said...


That's episode 4 on the livestream, but 1-3 are also available. They are quite interesting,w ith a lot of funny and also true details of the biblical authors and figures back in their day.

ymarsakar said...


What is Trump waiting for... even I don't know. Sure, there are legal barriers, didn't stop executives before, doesn't stop it now.

Besides, Emergency RUle for Covid already allows military deployment, if governors agree. But how can they not agree?

Ymar Sakar said...

It is darkest before the dawn.

Who can make it to 2021? The hunger games are here. Oh wait, not hungry, just toilet paper and bending knees.

ymarsakar said...


Trump is talking again, about law and order.

This is a good chance to read his emotions. And they are very very strange right now.

At least compared to him before on China trade and immigration. Notice how subdued he is. Like his hands are tied. He's not even excited. He is like watching America burn down and talking about sending in military to do COIN, but he does not act like it. A person that felt so strongly about AMerican economic fairness with the China thing, almost feels like he is fatigued or shell shocked, watching American businesses burn down. This Mars energy does not deplete that easily. He is divertingi t to some other... project.

ymarsakar said...

School choice. Access to choice is the civil rights of our time. From video.

Well... yes. Because all these rioters are created from school indoctrination... more or less. Trump is choosing the logistical counter to the Cabal's tactics and strategy. This is also strange.

For him, he usually punches back 100 times harder, directly. That's his instinct. This military method of using logistics to kill an enemy, is more like a business shark than a war President.

When he talks about real estate, his movements go live and active. You can see from just his voice, how excited he is.

"Plague from China. It could have been stopped. But... we'll figure that one out, won't we"

Some kind of hint, again.

Oh right, Grim doesn't have video. After about 25-30 minutes, it goes to the counsel or board. Trump stops talking msotly.