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For Wednesday. This Archbishop who wrote the President sounds a lot like you.


Ymar Sakar said...

He does sound familiar, although our religions would be mortal enemies back even 70 years ago.

I do not have a better word than religion, sorry. I still have black magic to write about.

Ymar Sakar said...

We share a few things in common. He is a kind of priest but more like a roman priest of jupiter. His spirit has literally jupiter in the sky empowering him. And... so do i. I have jupiter in my chart birth as well. Not the strongest or weakest placement, but pretty good in my life.

I am also a priest but not from his earthly line. My calling is somewhat unusual because i have a temporal position but my divine orders come in from another chain of command. Technically i have 2 chain 9f commands i respond to. 3 if i include my direct subordinates. 2 to 3 hats i wear.

My biblical ranking is higher than a roman arch bishop if only because roman priests were not recognized by torah.

Dont ask me how this works. It just does.

ymarsakar said...

I thought about writing a Grimoire and explaining physics of black magic... but no, that's too complicated. So I'll go with a more practical course. I first encountered realistic workers of this craft on Fiverr. Like most new things that I see which destroys my current paradigm, I often wonder if I am getting fooled or reading a parody site. But no, Fiverr is a legitimate business for freelancers, and many freelancers work in the fields of astrology and black magic too, apparently. BLack magic consists of Control, domination over lust (they call it love potions), and death magic (curses and negative entity summonings).

The customers also give ratings and feedback on how effective these spells are. They cost from 25 dollars to 200 dollars for death magic.

This is not Harry Potter, this is a 1099 MISC income. Haha.

IRS considers it a legitimate source of income.

Black magic is using WIllpower, intention, and natural forces to create a desired outcome. In other words, it is Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and QUantum Entanglement producing observer=reality. People noticed in physics that the person observing light, determines by that observation, whether light is a particle or wave, or even how it functions. What quantum entanglement did was to show that this observer effect had no distance limitation.

In other words, ancients developed this black/white magic craft, by observing that their observation and willpower caused changes in reality. They didn't know what to call it, so they kept it a secret from the public.

Thus I just call it Quantum Magic. THe ability to connect these dots together requires not identifying with either magick or scientific theories. No matter how practical both are. Both are merely humanity's best work at the time they were made. Training wheels for bicycles.

This is an era in which science and spirit intersects more and more.

This method, because it focuses on human consciousness as the power source, also raises interesting challenges such as why the Matrix needs humans as batteries and power cells. And also why the money system is like a folded origami paper composed of Power words, a talisman magic system known in the East.

My assessment of current operations is slightly different from the Archbishop's. The Deep State is releasing ALL ASSETS, not because they think they have won but because they got sucker punched in April. Regardless of whether you believe or disbelieve Ymar, it is a fact that there is no feasible way for an average person to find out about the Deep State and its operations, before it explodes in media, social or otherwise. As proof of this, when did Trump figure out Comey and Mueller were not straight shooters? When he got shot in the back... SO take the most powerful man in the world, supposedly, and your President, as a barometer of how little chance the average American had. When did Michael FLynn figure out his counsel were traitors and why one does NOT talk to FBI or any other alphabet soup agency *without lawyers, silence, pleading 5th, and tapes*?

So without the ability to see the Deep State's ops ahead of time, how do you fight them? Kind of hard to fight an enemy that you can only see after they have finished attacking. Dragon's teeth and ghosts?

Counter: Ymar works for Deep State, I get it now!

Y: No, you do not.

If I worked for the Deep Stat,e they wouldn't be in such a bad strategic position. Nor would they keep doing stupid stuff without Looking Glass.

So my Assessment. In 2020 APril, the Deep State got sucker punched. THey thought the Solar Flash or some kind of Flare Divine Fire was going to kill em all, so they set Corona into play and many elites resigned. Did you notice the number? They all went into their bunkers. No I am quite serious. THey have multi million dollar for rent bunkers. Literal Fallout shelters. And these are not military DUMBs, these are for civilians, like Gates.

Gates resigned frm both Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway. No economists knew any rumors of that before hand.

ymarsakar said...

The Cabal's middle managers, call them Hollywood rich or politicians, are mostly cannon fodder, but the way the DS and Cabal is setup, it is a pure hirearchy, almost like SS.

They were suckered into calling on their bosses for safety and guarantees. This is like a mafia. Beat up some small time dealer, he calls on his bigger brother, who calls on his bigger uncle, who calls on the Mafia Don. Due to what I strongly suspect are disinformation leaks and ops, the Cabal went into literal bunker mode. They withdrew most of their 1% Fedayeen suicide super soldiers for self protection. This concentrated their defense in the underground, but it also made them immobile. Which favored the more agile and smaller US military/SF. By sticking it out to their underground shelters, waiting for the "End", and hoping Corona kills enough people that they can revive themselves later as "gods" or some such claptrap, the Cabal was already on Plan G. The previous ones having been crushed by the light gods and their agents.

Plan G can be summed up as "Get Trump". That's it. Haha. THat is all of it. Get Trump.

THey thought they would be in safety lockdown, and that everyone else on Earth will mostly die off. Except... it didn't work. ANd then the ALliance hit their underground bases and collapsed the portals, exits, and trans continental vacuum train routes.

Counter: We don't have the technology to do that.

Y: Looking at my tablet that is thinner and more powerful than Star Trek's.... yea sure.

So now we have riots. Which conveniently boosts the Reichstag Agenda of "defund police". Well, assuming they know they are going to lose, wouldn't you want to get rid of police, in order to escape more easily? After all, that's how the Nazis escaped to Argentina. War, kaos, not enough police investigators.

The Deep State is in big trouble. Several factions, including my own, have our knees on their necks.

ymarsakar said...

The Deep State, ironically, is in the position that they put America in for centuries.

America could never find this Deep State, because it is like fighting Satan. WHERE or rather WHO is Satan? Nobody knows apparently. SO they kill each other.

Meanwhile the real Satan faction laughs at it.

The Deep State does not know what is attacking them. They know about the human alliance, yes, but they don't know about the secret weapons, the "great souls" the ancient biblical authors spoke of.

When America fell for the Gulf of Tonkin false flag, they attacked Vietnam even though Vietnam did not attack anyone in Tonkin. The Deep State is lashing out, activating all assets, because they won't have another chance to use them. They have to attack, even if the yare attacking smoke, because they are not used to fighting blind. They used to have all the intel they needed to control events. NOt because they were smart, just because they were cheating.

Well, the administrators (priests and representativesof the godhead) came here and shut those console cheats off.

ymarsakar said...


Haha, a statue got a kill for the Confederation even after he died.

So technically a dead statue killed a zombie...

raven said...

Restoration work at Avebury found a skeleton under one of the deliberately toppled stones. The effort to get rid of the stones apparently was stopped after that .

Grim said...

Interesting that they can stop it if they care to do.

ymarsakar said...


Most of my info are open source. If it is open source, I do not call it a source.

So why do people get surprised at my claims? Because they don't have a quantum or parallel world processing group that is undertaking COIN, counter intel, intel gathering, etc, for them.

DO people really think that I come up with this stuff all on my own? That my brain IQ runs so fast I can just grab all this stuff? Haha. Not even the smartest autistic calculator in the world, or even all put together... would be able to do that.

Call it the Divine Internet. I am merely the messenger. If they need me to know something, they directly send it over as an upload and I download it. And when I look online, There IT IS, just as reported.

As for bunkers, these are lower level bunkers for millionaires not millionaires. Forbes or others reporte d on them in around 2015.

While I am not suspicious that rich people have bunkers. THey didn't get to be where they are by being stupid with risks. However, how did so many people know to go there when March 2020 hit? You see, there's a problem with the timing.

There were many diseases and epidemics. Why did they know ahead of time, for certain, that this year was IT? Even for preppers, they would have contingencies, they might go off grid and come back in a few days or weeks. But resigning? That is kind of permanent.

Like any investigator or detective, I am very very very suspicious. Which is why I pick up on things that the fake news were ordered not to talk about or know.

ymarsakar said...


There we go, 2015. Just as I recalled. Might even be the same article.

I try not to have preceived biases. That is what happens to conspiracy landers. They get these dots then tie them up based on what they think fits. Instead, connect the dots by collecting the data sources first without judgment.

ymarsakar said...

It will not be surprising if, in a few months, we learn once again that hidden behind these acts of vandalism and violence there are those who hope to profit from the dissolution of the social order so as to build a world without freedom: Solve et Coagula, as the Masonic adage teaches.

The Roman church has been on the hunt for the Masons for a rather... long time. IF Born in Blood is correct, then when the P of Rome wiped out the Knights Templar along with French king (in debt to the Templars), the Vatican and Papacy really disliked the secret society, the Masons, that split off from the Templars.

As such, it's just more or less a Vatican preconception.

Does he not know that nearly half of America's Founding Fathers were Masons and Scottish Rite at that? Heh

I don't want to write another piece on Masons. Like any society, they have their good and bad points. Just as America has patriots and child rapists, all together sometimes in the same happy Epstein family. Eh, Clinton.

Cain vs ABel. Reagan's bio son vs his adopted son.

All in the family.

ymarsakar said...

Solve et Coagula

I didn't like the description I found online, so Iwill give the esoteric (true) meaning.

It is the Law or Rule of the Convergence and Divergence of X. In esoterics, as in alchemy, what converges must diverge, what diverges, must converge. In chemistry this is known as solutions and precipitation.

The Vatican secret archives has enough of these alchemical original texts, often times the only copy, that high ranking Vatican people have access to them. I doubt they truly understand what they have, however.

Fractals are another example of this phenomenon.

Ymar Sakar said...

A priest has many meanings but direct representative or mouthpiece is closer. To use a network analogy, they are system admins or those with admin accounts.

Their powers are rather broad. You have the human organized priests such as aaron or sanhedrin or roman jupiter. Their powers over spirit is analogous to khem egypt s miracle wizards. The ones that dueled moses.

Exorcism, blessing, curses, black magic. At 1 pov, the power of a priest is hard to differentiate from that. Of a warlock or witch. Just one is official. Consider john the baptist. This wild man in rags goes around criticizing rulers, jews or romans. He finally died with his head on a platter delivered to a woman.

Similar to how a certain person ran away from jezebel.

Yeshua did not need rituals or magic but used the direct manifestation of word vibration. Faith itself, an observer that believes so much they distort reality, creating the end they believe. This is considered higher magic or power. Ascension technology. Our tablets vs those magic kid drawing tablets. High tech is indistinguishable from magic.

I found it intriguing the old authors often had problems getting believers to figure out who is bhaal lord and who is yhvh lord. This confusion seems to remain strong. Pray to the lord god but which lord and which god?

America faces the same torah challenge. Which us constitution is correct? How do you translate those meanings?

Priest magic is similar to sorcery. The seal put on babies via baptism, excorcism, the vatican tool sets. They try so hard. Not everyone is evil or dark cabal but this effort is not the power of the christ. It is not a matter of which dogma i prefer. I prefer the higher power.

Maybe i will tell the stories of how i came into power after i was tested to see if i was worthy. I refrain from using them for same reason one does not use tazers to disvipline horses, cats, and kids. Too strong.

Counter: i do not believe in magic.

Y: freedom of religion and faith. However, power is useful even for those that do not believe. Leftists believe in guns yes or no? But they will still buy guns.

Grim said...

Many will not use magic, though, even who believe in it; especially among orthodox Christians and Muslims.

ymarsakar said...

Yet the Cabal's fiat currency system is itself a network that draws in the power of everyone that uses the currency. I suspect the "Beast system" is at least partially here. Because one cannot buy or sell, without using currency. Even gold needs the London standard or else it is illegal, which is why FDR confiscated it also.

This fear and control system is expressed in religion as failure to adhere to god's standards if one uses the dreaded occult magick sorcery. ANd yet their money is....

This lack of information causes confusion and distortion. Which allows something like the Deep State to rule.

ymarsakar said...

Every time a fundamentalist believer or faithful person encounters occult knowledge and truth, they shun it or attack it as sorcery. Ignorant rules supreme. WIthout this knowledge, they don't have the power. They give the Cabal all their power with this fiat currency babylonian slave system. Yet they think some fictional sorcery from the bible is the big bad?

THis is why State Religion is a control system. Much like the current USA BLM or Corona lockdowns. It controls people. THat's what it is there for.

ymarsakar said...


Well, that whole Hussein purging the military always comes back around the corner, again.

Apparently Trump never thought he might have needed to do a similar purge. Or perhaps he is not as powerful as people think?

FIring people should be one of his instincts and perogatives... but he can't fire the FEderal Reserve nor can he fire Hussein's Deep State military so easily.

In truth, it's not really the Deep State, it's something more problematic. Like dark god contamination of the soul.

When people read the old testament authors like Jeremiah and Hezekiel and other peeps. Pay very close attention to how the ancient Israelites got confused over who their god was. How could they get confused over who YHVH is?

Well, how are the US military so confused they think Trump is a megalomaniac dictator? He may need to be a dictator to fight the Deep State sooner or later...

ymarsakar said...


There you go, Grim, official source. Even yesterday.

Haha the PResiden'ts Twitter account is our official source of news to counter main sewer... what has this country gone to...

So honored by Archbishop Viganò’s incredible letter to me. I hope everyone, religious or not, reads it!

AH Trump. I remember when this guy was flaying at REpublicans like that black doctor for talking about the pyramids being grain store houses. Cuckoo!!!

THis ain't the same Trump. Or is it.

Notice he doesn't say he agrees or disagrees. He, like Q, does a "Ymar" style nudge nudge, wink wink, stalking horse tactic.

NO arguments. Just a statement. Do This. He knows he can't explain it. IF he did, would anyone believe him.

ymarsakar said...

I know some of the counters.

Counter: Trump is just saying so because he likes political support, just like how he supports Republicans he likes to win.

Y: Ah, but does Trump ever say he is honored by the support of X Republican? Kind of risky, if said REpublican turns out to be another backstaber and he has to run back on his "honorable" words. Nor is he stumping for his allies, as this Italian looking Archbishop is not even in the US and is part of a foreign/Vatican diplomatic service. WHy does the Vatican have a diplomatic service? Because they are a foreign nation. Is Trump in the habit of paying obedience to foreigners? Heh

Counter: Melanie Trump is a Catholic.

Y: Yes, perhaps. But for those that do not know, Catholics follow a strict hierarchy in the Church of Rome.They obey their bishops who obey their archbishops, who have to pay attention to the Vatican or else. This archbishop is no longer in charge of America's bishops. But Melanie Trump has her own bishop that is in charge of her, as the flock.

There is no point in Trump offering tribute to a foreign Archbishop that has no direct authority over her bishop. If anything, he should be kissing up to the current Nuncio or whatever Latin/Italian term they have for these authorities.

Trump likes Francis too much to do that? I don't think so.

I did look up Trump's tweets. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/2020/06/09/at-least-one-notable-bush-george-p-texas-land-commissioner-plans-to-vote-for-trump-in-november/ He posted one tweet about P Bush saying he will vote for Donald, with "it is an honor".

What a weird sentiment to hold for the son of Jeb Bush. What is unique about the Bush family or the Vatican, that makes Trump react this way? May be nothing. May be a mere coincidence. Or may be a data point.

He did stump a lot for his Republican fellows in this election, with his tweets. No mention of honor, have I seen there.