You Guys Like Music?

Check yourself vs. our current position. It's just a Terminator remake, from 1990, but it has a lot to say about where we are, and where they thought we'd be. The radio announcer says it'll be 110 downtown; and you know, it sometimes almost is, in July, in some towns even on the east coast. In 2016 when the DNC was in Philadelphia it was 108. I know because I was there. But we're not in anything like the constant dust-storms.

I guess there was an almost-hit song from the soundtrack.

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ymarsakar said...

Eh, it's not that bad.

If people can survive to 2021, utopia is on the way to being online.
Right now, it is clean up, all the dust is in the air and it is hard to see.

Got to clean things up before it gets sparkly.