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Per his request, we'll do these three days a week for a while.


ymarsakar said...

Last time on Ymar's World episode 2, the burning riots were still ongoing in America. It does not seem to have changed too much. Law and order has been strained on other states, via Trump's rhetoric, but little action has been taken to suppress the initial hotspots of Reichstag Fire operation.


So now we go back to the whole "combat mentality" bit of usefulness. Esoterics and other theories seem to confuse people. Useful and practical applications have more impact. The video gives a very easy to understand demonstration of the "Ymar kind of thinking" and the world's kind of thinking (that leads to science and the current status quo).


Twitter is a rather interesting way to get a gauge of the American public reaction. I can see why Trump uses it.

My analysis is as before. June 13-16.

ALso, those of you that noticed my comments about the stock market and decided to take the rest, you can enjoy your 30-50% gains over the last week, free of charge. Part of my Service to Other polarity work.

Those of you that didn't notice it, that's just how the cookie crumbles. As opposed to a 1-2k USD check per month, an easy 30% gain over 5 days straight is pretty luxurious, I would think. Praise that Venus energy retrograde.

Different vibrations (string theory) often times do not notice each other. Or rather, if you are on a lower vibration level realm than me, you will literally not see or notice what I am doing.

This is an interesting byproduct of the Double Slit experiment where quantum mechanics began demonstrating physical experimental data that observation (such as placebo) actually creates reality. this was hard enough of a pill for classical physicists to swallow for the photon/wave light, but it became really intolerable with quantum light interference patterns. That was a reproducible simple logic gate, where the observer determines the end result via quantum entanglement.

In other words, if you vibrate at the energy of war, terror, hate, anger, you end up in a city that is burning down. If you do not, you can choose to enter or not. This is very practical given how dangerous humanity can get.

This did not help the saints and faithful of old. They could resist poison, fire, deadly animal pits, serpents, all the time. But when humans decide to kill them directly, one person's free will is powerful enough to over ride the other. This is the Distortion of Law of Free Will, an adjunct of the Law of One.

Not a subject that can be covered easily any time soon by me.

I prefer practical power sets and skills. THus no matter if it is archery, magic rituals, or astrology, if it benefits my power, I will try it out at least once.

ymarsakar said...


This cat is almost at the level of a Raven/Crow in INT.

One of the things that people can do to counter Hollywood/fake news emotion manipulation, is to watch the opposite polarity of energy or feeling. Then notice the contrast.

Even if a person does not believe in Clowns in Action Op paperclip style mind control, de classified MK, they can understand the very practical effects of emotion control. Until they can control their own emotions as finely, they will need tools to trigger.

This will help maintain the mental spirit of a person through this 2020, in case they are already at their limits.

Anonymous said...

Reading these with interest, thanks.


ymarsakar said...

Analysis of BLM Black Box/Cube, kneeling, swearing allegiance.

It really does seem like Grim is correct. This is indeed bending the knee and swearing fealty to something. That something turns out to be a black box. This is not just Ymar World pov, this is going on in social media. People are being told to spread this message, to pledge loyalty to BLM or black box, but what are they really doing?

This is a ritual. As an adept, wizard, and djedi, rituals are like black magic.

And black magic... well, maybe we'll leave that to the next episode.

Recall the Beast System often mentioned by C fundamentalists in Revelations. This is not exactly it, but... close.

ymarsakar said...

I grew up in a middle-class Jewish family, laced with the magical
overtones of an eccentric father. When I was thirteen, in 1965, he
took me to Saigon to show me what war was. The Vietnam War
was beginning to rev up and he wanted me to see bullet holes
firsthand. He didn’t want the military-industrial complex to eat
my brain and convince me war was okay.

My grandfather was very religious and sometimes I would go
to synagogue with him on Saturday mornings. When the ark was
opened during the service, he would bow and begin to cry. I
would cry too, but I don’t know whether I was crying out of a
budding religious fervor, or simply because he was.

When I went to high school, I took my first philosophy class
and decided God was a crutch I didn’t need. What kind of God
would let children starve, I argued, or people get cancer, or the
Holocaust happen? The innocent faith of a child met the pseu-
dointellectualism of a high school sophomore head on. I wrote a
Dear John letter to God. I was depressed as I wrote it, but it was
something I felt I had to do because I was too well-read now to
believe in God.

During college, a lot of what I learned from professors was
definitely extra-curricular. I left school to grow vegetables, but I
don’t remember ever growing any. There are a lot of things from
those years I can’t remember. Like a lot of people at that time—
late sixties, early seventies—I was pretty wild. Every door marked
“no” by conventional standards seemed to hold the key to some
lascivious pleasure I had to have. Whatever sounded outra-
geous, I wanted to do. And usually, I did.

I didn’t know what to do with my life, though I remember my
parents kept begging me to do something. I went from rela-
tionship to relationship, job to job, city to city, looking for some
sense of identity or purpose, some feeling that my life had finally
kicked in. I knew I had talent, but I didn’t know at what. I knew I
had intelligence, but I was too frantic to apply it to my own cir-
cumstances. I went into therapy several times, but it rarely made
an impact. I sank deeper and deeper into my own neurotic pat-
terns, seeking relief in food, drugs, people, or whatever else I
could find to distract me from myself. I was always trying to
make something happen in my life, but nothing much happened
except all the drama I created around things not happening.

There was some huge rock of self-loathing sitting in the mid-
dle of my stomach during those years, and it got worse with
every phase I went through. As my pain deepened, so did my
interest in philosophy: Eastern, Western, academic, esoteric.
Kierkegaard, the I Ching, existentialism, radical death-of-God
Christian theology, Buddhism, and more. I always sensed there
was some mysterious cosmic order to things, but I could never
figure out how it applied to my own life.

One day I was sitting around smoking marijuana with my
brother, and he told me that everybody thought I was weird. “It’s
like you have some kind of virus,” he said. I remember thinking I
was going to shoot out of my body in that moment. I felt like an
alien. I had often felt as though life was a private club and every-
body had received the password except me. Now was one of
those times. I felt other people knew a secret that I didn’t know,
but I didn’t want to ask them about it because I didn’t want them
to know I didn’t know.

By my mid-twenties, I was a total mess.
I believed other people were dying inside too, just like me,
but they couldn’t or wouldn’t talk about it. I kept thinking there
was something very important that no one was discussing. I
didn’t have the words myself, but I was sure that something was
fundamentally off in the world. How could everybody think that
this stupid game of “making it in the world”—which I was actu-
ally embarrassed I didn’t know how to play—could be all there is
to our being here?

ymarsakar said...

One day in 1977, I saw a set of blue books with gold lettering
sitting on someone’s coffee table in New York City. I opened to
the introduction. It read,

“This is A Course in Miracles. It is a required course.
Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not
mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means
only that you can elect what you want to take at a given
time. The Course does not aim at teaching the meaning
of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does
aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of
love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance.”

I remember thinking that sounded rather intriguing, if not
arrogant. Reading further, however, I noticed Christian termi-
nology throughout the books. This made me nervous. Although I
had studied Christian theology in school, I had kept it at an intel-
lectual distance. Now I felt the threat of a more personal signif-
icance. I put the books back on the table.

It took another year before I picked them up again—another
year, and another year’s misery. Then I was ready. This time I
was so depressed I didn’t even notice the language. This time, I
knew immediately that the Course had something very important
to teach me. It used traditional Christian terms, but in decidedly
nontraditional, nonreligious ways. I was struck, as most people
are, by the profound authority of its voice. It answered questions
I had begun to think were unanswerable. It talked about God in
brilliant psychological terms, challenging my intelligence and
never insulting it. It’s a bit cliché to say this, but I felt like I had
come home.

The Course seemed to have a basic message: relax. I was
confused to hear that because I had always associated relaxing
with resigning. I had been waiting for someone to explain to me
how to fight the fight, or to fight the fight for me, and now this
book suggested that I surrender the fight completely. I was sur-
prised but so relieved. I had long suspected I wasn’t made for
worldly combat.

For me, this was not just another book. This was my per-
sonal teacher, my path out of hell. As I began reading the Course
and following its Workbook exercises, I could feel almost im-
mediately that the changes it produced inside of me were posi-
tive. I felt happy. I felt like I was beginning to calm down. I began
to understand myself, to get some hook on why my relationships
had been so painful, why I could never stay with anything, why I
hated my body. Most importantly, I began to have some sense
that I could change. Studying the Course unleashed huge
amounts of hopeful energy inside me, energy that had been turn-
ing darker and more self-destructive every day.

The Course, a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy
contained in three books, claims no monopoly on God. It is a
statement of universal spiritual themes. There’s only one truth,
spoken different ways, and the Course is just one path to it out
of many. If it’s your path, however, you know it. For me, the
Course was a breakthrough experience intellectually, emotion-
ally, and psychologically. It freed me from a terrible emotional

I wanted that “awareness of love’s presence” that I had read
about, and over the next five years I studied the Course passion-
ately. As my mother said at the time, I “read it like a menu.” In
1983, I began sharing my understanding of the Course with a
small gathering of people in Los Angeles. The group began to
grow. Since then, my lecture audiences have grown significantly
here and abroad. I have had the opportunity to see how relevant
this material is to people throughout the world.

A Return to Love is based on what I have learned from A
Course in Miracles. It is about some of the Course’s basic prin-
ciples as I understand them and relate them to various issues
that affect our daily lives.

ymarsakar said...

A Return to Love is about the practice of love, as a strength
and not a weakness, as a daily answer to the problems that con-
front us. How is love a practical solution? This book is written as
a guide to the miraculous application of love as a balm on every
wound. Whether our psychic pain is in the area of relationships,
health, career, or elsewhere, love is a potent force, the cure, the

Americans are not that big on philosophy. We’re very big on
action, however, once we understand the reason for it. As we
begin to understand more deeply why love is such a necessary
element in the healing of the world, a shift will occur in how we
live our lives within and without.

My prayer is that this book might help someone. I have
written it with an open heart. I hope you’ll read it with an open

Marianne Williamson (Preface, a Return to Love)
Los Angeles, CA

Ymar: Love is just the human word people have to refer to higher dimensions, hidden "vibrating string membranes", and various other things that are real physics, but lack a mathematical or conceptual model to translate it into human *debased* language.

It would be more effective to think of it as Technology, not as Love.

I only came across ACIM recently, in the last 2 or so years. My path is not from a human source, although there are many humans helping to digest and translate these concepts from the Divine. In that book, which is actually channeled by another (semi atheist) Jewess, which has helped another total atheist Jewess (Williamson), which requires me or the House of Yasharel, to post here, because normally it would not reach the nations. Most of the lessons I had already undergone and completed, to my surprise. I was getting the Cloud based online lectures, hehe, instead of reading a physical book.

This TEchnology is more than powerful enough to combat the Cabal type events of 2020. Whether anyone here takes up that offer... well, that's not up to me. I am only the messenger.

ymarsakar said...


When I talk about the Black Cube matrix... I was referring to an esoteric concept. When did humans decide to put the hidden esoteric occult stuff up on social media? Normally, I would not be exposed to this, due to my shielding, so I have to LOOK IT UP, directly.

And I only did this because a Source told me this was going on.

Try not to go into Conspiracy Land, that is not my purpose. THis is merely to show you and others here, that this isn't just, you know, Ymar World incomprehensible stuff. THis is very easy to see. Just take a look.

Not everyone or even half of the people writing about this, know what they are talking about.

ymarsakar said...


Carlson had some videos of the tweets up as well, about people going demonic on their family and friends just because they refused to bend the knee to BLM.

This has graduated to a true Cult, an organized religion. Now you know why I don't like organized religions or state religions. The Divine barely tolerates them.

ymarsakar said...


Seattle now has death squads controlling autonomous regions. Well, that's all good and etc but what's the next thing on the Cabal 2020 menu?

Also I look at what political demands are made after a Reichstag fire. Very telling. Defund the police? Heh, interesting. What if they defund the police and can't arrest the satanic child pedos in poewr?