What will your mother think, pretty Peggy-O,
What will your mother think, pretty Peggo-O,
What will your mother think, for to hear the guineas clink,
And the soldiers marching before you, O?


Grim said...

I hadn’t head this version. The story is a bit confusing as she give it. It’s clearer in this one:


Gringo said...

Yes, the story is clearer from the Clancy Brothers/Tommy Makem version. The Captain- Ned from Clancy/Makem, and Sweet William from Joan Baez- dies of unrequited love (or infatuation). I listened to various Clancy/Makem versions- including a CD of mine- while looking at the lyrics. Not every version of the song uses the same verses.

I am reminded of another song Joan Baez has recorded where Sweet William dies of unrequited love. Barbara Allen

Grim said...

Now that one I learned from Porky Pig.


Gringo said...

Maybe that's where the Everly Brothers learned Barbara Allen. (bad joke- learned the song from their father....)