Uh-oh, Nancy

A very strong reaction against today’s Wokeanda theatre. 


james said...

It is not "blackface" if the right people do it.
It might be a little tasteless, but you appreciate the gesture and smile.
If the wrong people try, though...

ymarsakar said...

One of my sources noted that the kneeling is actually swearing fealty to some power or other. This then opens the doors for a take over by said power.

And they also informed me that BLM is being used to direct people to worship the Black Cube. Similar to Islam's center. Why this is important will take some analysis in Ymar's world, but it is important at the strategic level.

It is also why I didn't support BLM here or elsewhere, when Soros popped up. No matter how many moderates or others are in it, Grim, that you or I notice, it does not matter. Because the organization itself is funded by Soros, which means it is unfortunately contaminated. Why that matters... just look at the cities. In Islamic Jihad, the extremists control. Same here.

ymarsakar said...

Overlord of Darkness :Kneel Before me, Slaves

Demoncrats:..... Yes, Sire, we pledge loyalty to BLM.

Y: Am I watching some AMazon prime original or have humanity gone totally insane, and not just insane, but aware of always being insane?