Sadly, not the Bee

But this is how "largely peaceful" counter-protests get reported:


Ymar Sakar said...

Horses vs peasants. Sabres at the ready.

Oh wait, no sabers.

Grim said...

In the UK, they’re lucky to have harsh language.

bdoran said...


Everything else has failed.

douglas said...

The antifa scum are rolling those city bikes towards the horses to try to spook them. One bolted and the rider was unhorsed by a traffic light- pretty rough. Don't know how she fared, but she was alive at least.

So far, I've heard nothing from PETA UK about the treatment of the horses by the protesters (rather unsurprisingly).

ymarsakar said...

This is great evidence for Grim and company that this isn't about blacks in AMerica. THis is a world wide black magic spell.

Which I covered in Ymar's world, at least the basics of.

Simultaneous world wide pandemic lockdowns and then simultaneous riots and other sh?

Haha, that does not sound like some accidental happenstance to my suspicious mind.