Freedom and Protest

Asheville is reporting ongoing fatalities from the virus, but "chiefly concentrated in nursing homes" according to a print article I read earlier today.  Meanwhile, the nation has emerged from lockdown to intensely populated, dense protests over issues that have been known issues for decades, and which by most available measures have been improving anyway.

I wonder how much of this nationwide protest movement is an expression of the desire to be free of lockdown?  For months people languished at home, watching their lives fall away, longing for friends and companionship.  Suddenly it's OK to get out and be with everyone you wanted to be with, provided only that you join one of these marches.  All restrictions are lifted!  Just join the throng.

People who had come to believe that enjoying any little liberty was tantamount to manslaughter are suddenly able to feel virtuous about going out and being with their friends.  All it takes is a little submission:  take a knee and pledge your loyalty to Wokeanda, Forever.

It's no wonder they're having such success.  They opened a door to repressed desires, and made it a virtue to express them -- so long as you express them just this way.


ymarsakar said...

Your observation is partially on target. It does not take into account several new or unique factors for 2020, or the unique factions manipulation the Stage Play, from somewhere else.

It is not a coincidence that these Reichstag fires started up due to false flag ANtifa BLM movements, just in time to cover up Hussein and HRC's attempted coup (which worked much better against Nixon).

Without my information sources, it would be very difficult for anyone in your position, Grim, to come to the correct conclusion about the real state of threats to the United States of AMerica. After all, fake news exists for a reason.

ymarsakar said...

Mattis is a very important case.

Is every American of some influence, other than Trum and a minority handful, traitors like Benedict Arnold?

No. But that is why this is outside of your information context and classification need to know. If it was just the work of a handful of traitors... counter intel and counter insurgency and elections could get rid of it. But Mattis, and somewhat otherwise Petraeus and Roberts, shows that it is not just that.

They are all influenced by something, this "Black box" control Matrix, that nobody seems to clearly know about. It works in a rather insidious fashion. Manchurian candidate? Perhaps, perhaps not.

If it was daemons and evil gods, then yes, they could remotely harness, control, and manipulate the souls of mankind. But I think that is something beyond the "pale" of the American imagination for now. So you can safely cross that option out... for now.

But even so, what does that leave? How are they able to turn and leverage so many of AMerica's patriots and leaders?

How are they doing it?

Until you ask these questions, Grim... you cannot know the enemy. ANd without that knowledge, SUn Tzu's art of war applies.