Ground Glass Pizza

Not one of the most desirable toppings, but the National Guard was served it anyway.  Fortunately years of eating Army cooking and MREs had made them immune to irritants in the stomach lining.


Ymar Sakar said...

I like the humor. People will need the combat mentality in this year. Before the dawn arrives....

I also personally find war games and psychological triggers in pc games useful. They are not as good as irl skills and exp but up to 50 percent can be transfered. Urban figjting. Running from gangs and looters. Basic stuff.

I have been told to prepare for an apocalypse since almost 2007 if noyr earlier. I sought out tft style lethal force training soon after 2001.

I do not really need it. But others may benefit from my xp.

douglas said...

Echoes of Vietnam and the rumors of ground glass laden cokes. Don't know if it was true or not.