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ymarsakar said...

I noted some events during july 4th 5th as reportrd on twitter, friday post. This is july 6th. Near end of month, the markets are most likely going to enter fear territory.

ymarsakar said...

Mercury retrograde will be off by July 12th. Maybe then I will receive a direction in writing, most likely.

As for recent events, I am feeling optimistic about Ghislaine's arrest, since it seems to be the harbinger of those mass arrests Q keeps dropping.

This would expose not only the Cabal but potentially the British "royals" as well as other components of the rulers of this world. Ephesians six style.

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A recap from a year ago. I wrote about Epstein here or elsewhere, when he was still doing that 13 month gig at the county vacation jail.

I used him as an example of how the Deep State or Leftist child pedos, were immune to penalty.

I did not pay attention to what happened afterwards. It seemed like suddenly Epstein got Epsteined in a few weeks, to me, and him getting re prosecuted was pretty weird too.

It's like the inverse of double jeopardy. He was prosecuted for less than 1% of his crimes, and then suddenly when he was about to be prosecuted for the rest, he leaked and Epsteined himself.

Why didn't he get Epsteined the first time? Shrugs.

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Rubin interviews with Eckhart the Yoda Tolle.

So this topic of spiritual metaphysics and inner awakening, is beginning to infiltrate or spread to the Alt Right or Alt Media or Red Pill factions, like Rubin's.

YTube Red!

Haha they changed the name because it was Red, get it? It is YTube Premium now.

People are going to look back on 2019 and 2020, and it will be very different for 2021's June 21st.

ymarsakar said...

This Mercury retrograde period is like reversing a tape player. Normally I get an intuition and start writing off a topic that pops up. I don't plan through it. If I plan, nothing comes through. But now it is reversed or inverted. I can't work off intuition as much now for writing, but now I can think about it and actually write what I am planning to write.

So I will share a story about a funny interaction between Grim and I.

We were talking about PUA or Pick up Artists over several months or even years. I kept bringing it up elsewhere. From his perspective, which he explained some odd years later, was that I was interested in PUA stuff because I was trying to pick up girls.

From my perspective, that was like me hitting my head on the desk. Meaning, that was my reaction when I heard that. I was like "what, that was what people thought". No wonder they didn't seem to look too deep there. Oh, that was why he kept writing about the shallowness of these individuals. He was trying to point out the vices or some such, as a warning.

As for what I was really doing... I was looking into Neural Linguistic Programming, as an adjunct of my research into Deep State/ Clowns in Action MK Ultra de classified MIND CONTROL. Yes, yes, MIND CONTROL. Dare I write it down back then? No. Dare I do it now? Oh yes, I dare much now.

As for picking up girls... if people really understood what goes on in my head during that era, they would understand very well why I would have to be suicidal to try to "pick up girls" and fall into a honey pot and get Epsteined. I am quite serious. I've thought like that, paranoia style, since my teens. Call it Divine Revelation.

People seem to think Ymar was just paranoid. They didn't know the half of it. I didn't tell people half of it, after all. They wouldn't understand, they would perceive it as weakness, and thus it was pointless.

Because Pick up Artists used a variation of NLP and other conversation/traps and hypnotic methods, sorta like Hussein Obola there. I found them useful as a research case for figuring out how this stuff actually worked. I spent more than a decade testing out how humans can be manipulated or controlled. It's why I caught the tail of what people now call the Deep State, although I did not call it that back then. Did I catch it because the masses told me about it? No. The Alt Right began using Deep State to refer to a lot of conspiracy land stuff, in 2015 and HRC tweeted or complained about it. Then it became mainstream more or less, cause main sewers fed it to the American people still drinking fake news Kool Aid.

When I am ready to link a topic or person, I have already done my investigation and experimentation, usually. Same for Eckhart's video here. He talks about awareness of mental controls or mental programs.

Well, here's a story about an experience I had, before I ever knew The New Age or Eckhart's Yoda face.

ymarsakar said...

I was volunteering some hours at a warehouse of sorts, packaging items that would be auto delivered to some disastrous place no normal person wants to be at. Some of the more normal or regular employees in a red shirt, came in to help the assembly line. He was high tension from the moment we saw him. I had been working for... 2 hours 3 hours who knows. I was tired basically. Too tired to argue about him with him or to him or even think about him. But he was on my team in the line and started saying items weren't in the right location for the work. Work we had been doing perfectly well for hours before he came in from another area.

So I thought, whatever, he wants this bin over here, we'll just move it over here instead of arguing. I'm too tired to argue with humans. Red shirt might sometimes argue with another team member, and I would actually be aware of how annoying Red shirt was by looking at the face of my team member, who was older than me and usually had more responsibilities, officially. I was like, wait, if his face is like this, doesn't that mean Red Shirt is really annoying and wrong, and not just my own pov?

I was getting more and more amused (because I was in a state where negative emotions didn't work any more) watching this guy. We worked maybe another hour or half hour, hard to recall. During this process, we basically went through all the assembly operations I had gone to before. During this process, Red shirt made some mistakes, was corrected on a listing question he had, and eventually other team leaders came and told me to move the bin back to the optimum placement, cause it was in the way or something.

Red Shirt saw all this. He also saw that I didn't complain about it to him. And he also realized I probably had an amusing smile on my face. It was likely not stressed, just tired or blank face.

At the end of the work line, he looked me in the eye, and shook hands with me, and I think he even apologized. So low importance I forgot.

This is the higher awareness and mentality that people like Yeshua and Eckhart talks about. It's a theory, to most people, because they suffer as they allow their minds to control them.

Logic, Greek Philosophy, metaphysics, all that stuff begins controlling humanity, Grim. It is much lighter getting rid of all that baggage.

I maintained this state of consciousness for quite some time, 2 to 3 years if I recall. They say it is not possible to do that all the time. I agree, for humanity still, it definitely is not possible. As for why I came out of it.. well I needed to do my job and report on what Americans were thinkign and feeling on twitter. I could not do that intel job at that consciousness level, now could I haha.

ymarsakar said...


I am rather glad that there are people way out on a limb farther than me.

Of course if I wrote 50% of what I know, that might change, but at least Fulford is doing his job.

I don't have internal mental filters that make me pre judge content or intel.

ymarsakar said...


This conversation came to my attention now in 2020, after Grim wrote that Google/Alphabet was messing with active searches for Grim's Hall.

I thought the content of discussion between AVI/Grim/Raven was very useful.

Ymar keeps changing who he thinks is behind it all. I think soon it will be the Jews. He has already hinted at that. It's not that he never sees anything accurately - paranoids are actually very good at noticing details that other overlook - but that he is unable to tolerate the least doubt. He knows, and the rest of us are just fools who can't see.-AVI

Unfortunately, I also know how hard it is for people to drop paranoid interpretations.-AVI

I do not know why AVI chose the pseudo name Assistant Village Idiot, but isn't this a little bit too much even for live role playing?

I know lots of liberals, and this applies to precisely none of them.

That's like saying "I see plenty of black crows so all crows must be black". No.

I work with paranoia for a living Lo, these forty years and have studied it outside of my direct line of work as well.

I work with human shenanigans for almost 30 years and have studied Cabal control of humanity outside as well. And?

They do not want slaves. No one is trying to make you a slave.

The ones you know perhaps do not want it, but how do you know no one is trying? Did no sex slaves exist under your Epsteins? Did Britain not have sex slave children under Islamic control in various cities? These things don't exist to you because in your life and work, you do not ever see these difficult information.

Well, I see difficult information all the time.

Ghislaine wasn't involved in slavery? Because women can't be enslaved in modern society? What about the actor for Smallville, she can't have been involved because nobody is trying to enslave anyone?

These are basic questions that anyone can think through. Except...

If it's just hyperbole, drop it. It's an ineffective tactic.

It is just difficult information that creates doubt in your beliefs and paradigms.

malice is unnecessary.

It's unnecessary because Cuomo and Demoncrat governors put mommas and grand mothers into concentration death camps because they were just... you know, incompetent?

If you really believe they want you to be an actual slave, in any reasonable sense, then talk to people who have lived under real oppression.

Have you talked to Elizabeth Smart, Ghislaine, Epstein, and other European mothers and fathers?

After this, I will drop A Course in Miracles on Wednesday. THat is even more difficult information that creates doubt.

ymarsakar said...

I did not concoct my reasoning out of thin air- I am simply listening to what they tell me. Over and over. "peace, inclusivity, diversity, and love. And if you object they beat your head in. Lovingly, of course.

It is very true I am extrapolating,because predicting an arc of possibility is what people do, if they have a brain. It is the "what can go wrong" thinking that keeps us out of trouble.

Don't confuse the subject with my supposed paranoia-
That is just displacement of the argument-
What I am saying is there is a large contingent of the "liberal" crowd who would, if not cheer us on the road to the camps, would at least not lift a finger to stop it.
You have seen the pictures of the adoring crowds of women and girls, rapturous at the appearance of the Leader- whether they were evil or not- their actions supported a horror beyond comprehension.
Slaves? Maybe not yet, but a damned good case could be put the "liberal" elites regard us as nothing more than farm animals, to milked for taxes and bred for meat.
-Raven's response

Doubt is good. When confronted by difficult information that challenges paradigms and personal beliefs, even of 40 or 400 years, doubt is good. Automatically accepting a belief or rejecting a belief, is no good. There has to be some period to ponder and think, otherwise liberty of mind is not real.

I don't need to tell Grim or Raven over and over not to doubt but to believe Ymar, because not even Ymar can believe in Ymar given what is available. Not before 2016 at least. It is not that I tolerate or do not tolerate doubt, I actually prefer doubt. What I do not prefer is that someone automatically believes or disbelieves Ymar or anyone else.

That is not useful to liberating humanity from Slavery 3.0

In fairness, too, the rhetoric has a long American heritage, and to positive effect. E.g.:-Grim

Grim, via help from Glenn Beck, Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration was found in the 50s. In it, one of the problems they levied against King George was that he blocked all attempts to get rid of slavery of MEN, who were declared EQUAL under God.

So it wasn't rhetoric, because some of the Founding Fathers were against slavery and saw the UK as perpetuating slavery of men: first black, and then later everyone else. And only two states, Georgia and South Carolina, were for it, thus it would not be unanimous if that declaration was in the Constitution.

ymarsakar said...

Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill say local police who do not enforce gun control measures likely to pass in Virginia should face prosecution and even threats of the National Guard.

The Law is the Law?

Demoncrats sure changed their tune via those domestic terrorists/protesters... actually no, their ultimate goal and order they were given was to punish and enslave humanity, starting with America First or blacks first.

Black slaves matter. So do white slaves and sex slaves matter to the Cabal.

This isn't rhetoric. This is reality, if only via Ymar's world.

Also I would clarify that I do not think the people in need of psychiatry and drugs, are running the Cabal. That's not.... really feasible.