Don't trust vaccine, vaccine is asshoe

I suppose Africa could develop its own, much safer vaccine.


james said...

I was curious what the comments on an article like that would be, and looked. May the Lord have mercy on us.

ymarsakar said...

Given the facts that have come out about Bill Gates and his vaccination program injuries and other issues with not being able to sue anybody making vaccines, this issue is very important to India and Africa. So important, that it was like Trump talking about obvious things but certain American classes had preconceptions that blinded them to the obvious.

ymarsakar said...

Western produced vaccines haven't been safe for a very long time.

In fact, they don't even need to pass the same medical trials and tests as other pharmaceuticals. That's sort of the point to the law Reagan signed.

Imagine google or twitter destroys your platform and followers, and you could not sue them. THat's basically the new reality.

ymarsakar said...

Twitter and ytube has been shadowbanning "vaccine" stuff for some time now.

The AMerican people still, for the most part, only can view the subject through the fake news clown squad. Meaning, they put up a clown like Farrakan, point people to it, and then dismiss the straw man they setup.

That trick still works, although not for long.

They over banned and over hit too many factions in 2020.

The one thing standing against vaccine safety regulations, was the pharmaceutical or medical reputations as "experts". That went down the drain in 2020. So effectively, there is no counter now. When Trump pushes his version of vaccines through, and it is actually safe or safer, then the main sewer will be told to attack vaccines. ANd then it will finally be over, this Veil over the Truth.

ymarsakar said...

Same zerohedge, same tyler durden writer. Why don't you see this one?

Because it would be more useful, it is Veiled and protected. Or rather, people are protected from the truth because if they saw and heard, they might be Saved.

The Harvest is not about saving everyone. It's about separating the good from the bad, and burning the bad.

Anonymous said...

One one hand, I understand opposition to vaccine trials, given all the stories people tell about HIV, Ebola, and other things (it's magic; it's caused by whites; there's [ritually impure substance] in the vaccine; rushed vaccines are not great [see 1960s swine flu vaccine and results]). On the other hand, the more population variety in the trials, the better the results and the sooner population-specific problems can be spotted. If people want to volunteer, they should not be stopped.

Based on family member experience with the 1960s swine flu vaccine and aftermath, I would NOT take a first generation SARS2 vaccine.


raven said...

The issue here is not vaccines- it is the utter loss of confidence and trust in institutions. They reap what they sow.

ymarsakar said...

Vaccines do not need trials in the usa. Part of why trump thinks he can push 1 through so fast. No fda approval needed. Actually legally they are told not to test vaccines. If they do, they can be sued for knowingly causing harm.

But if it is a flu shot giving you the flu, the government secret trials decide what penalty damage to pay.