An Irony

A BLM protester at a church that was having an AR-15 giveaway (as apparently it does occasionally) explains that “there are devils in there.”  The irony is in his fellow protester’s project.

Actually, some metaphysical commentary would legitimately be on topic for this post too. Just try not to derail the discussion, if any.


james said... perhaps?

ymarsakar said...

If there's no discussion, then there's nothing to derail, after all, yes.

As I detailed in my previous material on black magic, the "rituals" are NOT necessarily going to look like what people think it looks like (due to tv, religion, hollywood).

It's hard for me to tell remotely whether a practitioner is an adept or just a faker. If I could physically walk into their circle or ritual area, I could feel their level if any.

But here are two rituals which have generated quite a lot of power.

When tele evangelists go on tv and say "donate to me money" and you will be saved, your soul freed from purgatory, this is Service to Self and the god this energy is feeding isn't a very good one. THis is priest craft or a kind of slavery system. THe people at the bottom feed the leader at the top, and the leader at the top uses that poewr to control the masses.

Another ritual based organization is Westboro Baptists, creating hate and fear with their protests. These really have nothing to do with YHVH or Jesus. These are more like the "sorceries" mentioned by Moses.

I wouldn't worry about these "spells" you see on twitter or tick whatever. They are usually weak sauce. THe real magic rituals utilize the consciousness of thousands and millions... like that Black Square thing.... hehe