Rest in Peace Charlie Daniels

A sad farewell to one of the few remaining greats of the old days.

He's remembered as a Red White and Blue Conservative, but like many people he aged into that. My favorite of his songs is this one, in which he is still a longhaired singer with an uncertain relationship to the rednecks he lives among.


douglas said...

A sad day today. Was very surprised to hear this, as he's been a font of energy even in his eighties. Really nice version of him doing I'll Fly Away was put up in tribute by his media team on twitter.

He was blessed to live a full and vibrant life. Godspeed, Charlie.

Also, a little off topic, but if you can spare a quick prayer, a very good friend of my Brother/Sister-in-law passed (Mary) and will be a real loss to her friends (me included) and her community (especially as music director to her parish).

Grim said...

Of course.

Anonymous said...

Prayer flag raised, Douglas. She and those who loved her are added to the list.


ymarsakar said...

He's getting mentioned on twitter.

ymarsakar said...

I looked this guy's background up.

He believes in some of the same things I discovered.

But the AMerican are still stuck on Obedience to Power, that Justice hasn't quite arrived, because the people haven't drained the swamp so to speak. They are still mired in Quagmire.

They thought Iraq was a quagmire? Look at AMerica.

Almost every day for the last several years, I have tweeted “Benghazi ain’t going away” on my Twitter page.

There are a couple of reasons. First of all, I have met the three men who were fighting the mob from the roof of the embassy annex, getting shot all to hell in the process.

They find it to be ridiculous that help could not have been sent and arrived in time.

Secondly, the battle lasted for thirteen hours and considering the fact that a commercial airliner can fly across the Atlantic Ocean in half that time and the proximity of military bases close enough to send help makes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton one of two things, either the two stupidest, most inept people whoever became President of the United States and Secretary of State or downright bald-faced liars.

You had, have, and will have traitors at the highest levels of power in your nation, Grim.

Maybe it's time to consider what to do about all those bodies/targets.

Because factions will deal with them one way or another, no matter how America thinks based on fake news.

ymarsakar said...

That AP Reuters link you have, Grim, made sure they sliced the news just right,s o that people reading it wouldn't figure out what he was actually talking about.

A very sanitized way to shuffle. This is how propaganda controls AMericans.

ymarsakar said...

I've checked out for the last 3-4 years of Trump, so this is all news to me.