No shock to me

What is a shock is how clueless professional opinionizing are about how regular people react to riots and looting.


Grim said...

Far from a shock, the danger is confirmation bias.

Anonymous said...

Apparently we are supposed to be so scared that we all flock to vote for more government control of everything. Or something.

Right now I'm more concerned about the blatant vote fraud than public opinion polls. When deceased house cats in Georgia are being sent pre-filled voter registration cards, there's a problem.


J Melcher said...

Did none of these people live through 1968?

Although it's surprising to me that MR Kardashian is performing the George Wallace role in this year's remake...

ymarsakar said...

There's two primary problems. Votes not counting, or too many fake Chinese printed ballots counting.

And 2. Insurgency, false flag, terrorist attacks suspending 2020 elections.

So 1 2 hit.

3 would be fake alien invasion and asteroids wiping out cities.