The enemy gets a vote

That's "enemy" as in Kurt Schlichter, and myself.
Diversity is the value du jour, but is there any diversity of opinion in your life? Poll your pals (you can phrase it as a solicitation for confirmation so no one mistakes you for one of the wrongthinking others) about some of the issues of the day. Isn’t abortion cool? Regular people should not have scary rifles, right? White Fragility was really eye-opening, huh? Anyone in your life likely to answer “No?” Well, lots of people in your country would. If you were shocked and stunned that Tom Cotton suggested letting the 101st Airborne go to town on the rioters, you need to get out more.
But the rigorous intellectual solidarity of your caste might not strike you as a bad thing. After all, your views are manifestly right, and to disagree with them is a moral failing deserving of consignment to the lowest circle of cancellation hell. In fact, some of your kind consider it a moral obligation to cut such reprobates out of your life – begone Mom, and take your “All lives matter” anti-intersectionality cisgendered patriarchal colonialism with you!
I wish I could enjoy Schlichter's wish-fulfillment novels more. They're a comeuppance-fest, but he needs a co-writer or something. Compared to him, John Ringo has a feather-light satirical touch.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

The impossible balancing feat they manage is to maintain that they are very much in favor of diversity of opinion, but that some things are not actually opinions but hate speech disguised as opinions, or mere informationless reactionary mutterings, or frightening efflorescences of dangerous ideas from mankind's earlier, primitive history.

I suppose that last is true, if you consider 2008 to be mankind's earlier primitive history. Which they seem to, and do not notice the change in intellectual content, because they are focused on the social and emotional content of who are the good 'uns.

Texan99 said...

I think it may be even simpler than that. "Diversity of opinions" means their own opinions--by definition diverse because they conflict with the bad opinions of the powers that be--are at last taking center stage. Once that happens, everyone else's opinion is something other than a real opinion.

Grim said...

Kurt raises one good point there: I don't know a single Trump voter, and I do know a few, who has expressed an intent to vote for Biden. In fact the ones I talked to tonight expressed similar convictions that they view a large part of our current crises as frauds being perpetrated on us by the press and other cultural organs.

raven said...

"Someone close, someone you spend time with."
The othering is nearly complete- many of conservatives "spend time" with people with the other belief, in business, etc. but rarely would we admit it. It is dangerous to do so,because live and let live is a concept lost on the modern left. So while the left may spend time, they don't know it.

Before the last election a series of events brought me in contact with a guy who shared a hobby with me. After some time, a couple dinners, etc, we were on the way to becoming friends, even though he called himself a "man of the left".
So there we were in his garage, and he started ranting about a guy who had come over to buy a lawnmower or something, who was open carrying. I thought about it for bit, and decided to test the water- perhaps, since we had spent some time together, he might see that everyone with a gun did not slot into a preconceived right wing wacko category. So I said, "would you prefer I left my gun in the car?" Anyone with a CPL will know this was a decision to trust another, and not to be lightly undertaken, and as such, due some respect.
And that, was the end of that. He could not come to terms with any deviation from the leftist liturgy.
The cherry on top? He was talking about how LA airport looked like a third world country,since he first arrived here in the 70's from the Commonwealth...

Tom Bridgeland said...

I am shocked that you suggest Mr. Ringo has anything but the lightest satirical touch!

Texan99 said...

I thoroughly enjoy Mr. Ringo, even when he's over the top, but Schlichter ruins the "guilty pleasure" of his novels by yelling "See? I told you so" a little too loud.