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ymarsakar said...

I thought I would highlight some of AVI's lines again, as I find them useful for these times of this era that is closing.

People do have a choice to accept or deny "difficult information". And there will be many things they are sure of knowing, that will collapse and they will have to have some "doubt" in.

If 2020 had not happened, and we were still in 2019, would people be so sure they "knew" as many things? What about now, do they know the CDC will help them? What about other things they think they know or were told to believe in?

Models are useful or true if they are predictive. There is some consensus agreement on that, but not all the time.

So if Hussein, P Obola, had malice in intent, what would happen? If Hussein was merely incompetent or with good intentions, would Trump be talking about being spied on by the previous administration?

It's about predictive power, yes. And when this predictive power activates, people have an opportunity to face "difficult information" that challenges their paradigms.

One of the reasons Leftists don't understand conservatives is that many conservatives were classical liberals or even Demoncrats before they were conservative. Good old Winston Churchill line.

The same is true of Ymar. Do you think I live in a world where everybody or even most people, accept my view of things currently? Of course not. I grew up in the same world you grew up in or many Westerners grew up in and were educated in. I had the same viewpoints as many of the rest of you, including the patriots for America. I know what it is like to be on your side and also the side of Leftists.

What people don't know is what it looks like from here. As they have never been here. Yet many believe they "know". They have this certainty and assureness.

This certainty will be shattered by the Divine Might as you can witness for yourself in 2020 and 2021. Predictive models is not based on "debate". It is based on what comes true or not, via linear time. Just as the Higgs Boson was predicted to be true, but not everyone, including Hawkins, believed it would be found.

ACIM lesson for this post is: https://acim.org/workbook/lesson-61/

Now in normal world timeline, Ymar would find this book and read it and then learn/adapt its lessons, right?

In Ymar world, things work backwards. I am given these lessons by my god and only after I pass the tests, do I get to read the manual or book, hehe.

ymarsakar said...

I am the light of the world.
1. Who is the light of the world except God’s Son? This, then, is merely a statement of the truth about yourself. It is the opposite of a statement of pride, of arrogance, or of self-deception. It does not describe the self-concept you have made. It does not refer to any of the characteristics with which you have endowed your idols. It refers to you as you were created by God. It simply states the truth.

2. To the ego, today’s idea is the epitome of self-glorification. But the ego does not understand humility, mistaking it for self-debase­ment. Humility consists of accepting your role in salvation and in taking no other. It is not humility to insist you cannot be the light of the world if that is the function God assigned to you. It is only arrogance that would assert this function cannot be for you, and arrogance is always of the ego.

3. True humility requires that you accept today’s idea because it is God’s Voice which tells you it is true. This is a beginning step in accepting your real function on earth. It is a giant stride to­ward taking your rightful place in salvation. It is a positive assertion of your right to be saved, and an acknowledgment of the power that is given you to save others.

4. You will want to think about this idea as often as possible today. It is the perfect answer to all illusions, and therefore to all temptation. It brings all the images you have made about yourself to the truth, and helps you depart in peace, unburdened and certain of your purpose.

5. As many practice periods as possible should be undertaken today, although each one need not exceed a minute or two. They should begin with telling yourself:

I am the light of the world. That is my only function.
That is why I am here.

****There is some doubt as to who the author is. The author is an atheist psychologist Jewess, but the real author esoterically is Yeshua of Nazareth or more specifically the social conscious memory complex of YHVH, the Holy One of Yasharel.

Grim said...

That sounds rather like the Inner Light worship Chesterton discusses:

“That Jones shall worship the god within him turns out ultimately to mean that Jones shall worship Jones. Let Jones worship the sun or moon, anything rather than the Inner Light; let Jones worship cats or crocodiles, if he can find any in his street, but not the god within. Christianity came into the world firstly in order to assert with violence that a man had not only to look inwards, but to look outwards, to behold with astonishment and enthusiasm a divine company and a divine captain. The only fun of being a Christian was that a man was not left alone with the Inner Light, but definitely recognized an outer light, fair as the sun, clear as the moon, terrible as an army with banners.”

ymarsakar said...

there are 2 or 3 premises that chesterton s material needs to pass.

1. What is god and is god a man? Huge problem that broke the 1st century churches before constatine but also after.

2. Jones is a construct, not a spirit. Meaning, there is a big difference in talking to plato s real object vs talking to the shadow cast.

3.christianity is merely a religion or set of beliefs like torah or pharisees. Most sons and daughters of god such as my brother jesus, get blocked by the religion of their day. Because that religion is based on true traditions but a tradition is worse than light and gods, good or evil.

ymarsakar said...

Right now, many cultures accept the premise a priori wise, that god is god and man is man and never the two shall be one. The exception, for Westerners at least, would be Jesus, a kind of paradoxical combination of Man and God. This produces the theology and the philosophy, this idea, that man and God are forever separate, except in the case of this paradox Jesus, which meaning Jesus is the only way to combine the two.

This divergence from the true teachings and knowledge, came over a long period of time, even 2000 years and plus.

Why is this true, is there some document that says so? Not particularly, although there may be. My authority comes from the Heavens, and is relayed directly, as a kind of email or message, from Jesus and his father. This is not a "human knowledge" thing. You can't get it by memorizing the Torah or creating fancier philosophies for mankind. As for why, I'll elaborate on the next point.

Jones is how shall I put it... a name people place on an identity. This identity is as real or as false, as the identity of ymarsakar or grim online. Meaning, they are avatars, or representations of the actual user, but it is NOT the user actually. This is a kind of split personality, if one sees it through psychological lenses.

Spirit used to have no identity. Then it "split" itself into different avatars or just one avatar, and now it had an identity or aka ego. This ego is Jones. And this ego is not god and in fact cannot ever awaken to the existence of god, because it is part of the Divine Plan.

As Chesterton noted, no matter how long or fervently Jones worships Jones or the inside, because there is nothing inside the ego. I, the user, am not "inside" Ymar. In fact, the obverse would be truer. So this analogy or chain between a user and their accounts/avatars, also applies to spirit and humanity.

The Divine God is not inside the human identity. Humans are spiritual existences, having a physical experience, rather than the other way around. The human identity, the physical experience, is INSIDE the spiritual reality/realm. The spiritual realm is Plato's real object casting the light. All else are merely extensions or projections or shadow scast by the real spirit. This is not a difficult concept to take in, except that it tends to threaten the ego's sense of identity, causing a lashback effect. Denial, anger, etc etc etc.

An almost perfect example of traditional religious students not being able to accept Jesus' teachings would be Nicodemus, the Pharisee and even member of the Sanhedrine.

The early Nazarene or disciples of Jesus symbology was the twin fish, for Pisces, the age of Pisces, a constellation and also related to "fishers of men". Rome decided to use a torture stake/cross however. These symbols have meaning and matter.

The symbol is like an avatar of a thing, meaning its profile pic. What people misuse religion for is to mistake the avatar/idol/image for the real god. This is a big mistake, because what happens when god or god's messengers come here and tell you that your religion is wrong? Then you have to decide who is your god and authority, the Word of God or the actual Words of a God... and as usual, humans can't do it.

The answer of humanity in almost all the cases when traditional religious text conflicts with the words of a messenger of the Divine is: Kill the Messenger.

ymarsakar said...

Saul and Peter are great case examples.

In effect, Peter was worshipping himself. Because without the Holy Spirit regenerating his spirit and light, Peter gave up on Jesus three times, because he was afraid of dying under Roman power.

This is the character of a disciple or apostle? No, it's just Jones thinking he has something special.

And what did Saul do except kill and persecute disciples of Jesus? Saul already had a religion and that religion said the death penalty was applicable to people who said differently.

In more recent times, we have Vatican sex slaves run by a "Vicar" that represents the Christ supposedly, meanwhile the people they persecute and kill such as Jean De Arc, are made saints later. That is a very convenient way to invade and take over, when you make enemies into your folk heroes.

Jones does not know what is man and what is god. But he knows a religion, and many people believe without a religion, they can only worship themselves, with themself being equal to Saul and Peter in their unHoly Spirit and unregenerate state.

However, after Pentecost, or Saul's vision, what happened when people repented and internally challenged their prior beliefs and religions? They regenerated in spirit and soul, often to the point of physical blindness and comatose state.

Some of them regenerated so fast, they were thought to come back from the dead. Others lied to Peter about tithing and the body gave up the ghost.

Because the Divine could not educate or teach people what this "Holy Spirit" state of internal awakening and enlightenment was, they merely attached a bunch of miraculous powers to it. And that made sense, to a certain extent, but later on it people did not have mostly miracles to back up their faith. They had words in a book to back up their faith, and the miracles were to back up the book.

This is actually the wrong or rather reverse way Saul and Peter thought of it. They saw miracles as real historical events, the same way you Grim see Washington and the US Declaration of INdependence.

The god that saved Israel was a real person or entity, and the miracles were real salvation works. And these was chronicled in the Torah, which is what makes Torah important or holy. Not the other way around. Miracles do not exist because of the Constitution or Torah. The Torah or Constitution exists because people chose to internally awaken and seek out the spiritual regeneration of the Holy Spirit or via faith transform their own hearts. This is internal, not external actions such as building an organization that is corrupt or abusive.

This is seen in modern christian mainstream individuals who convert. Many people read a few books and believe or think it plausible, but internal conversion is a very different phenomenon.

ymarsakar said...

Which is why many of the Founding Fathers were Deists, like I was, or Free Masons (which I am not) of the Scottish Rite.

This was not "organized religion" per say, and were in fact very much opposed to the "do as I say or burn in hell after being tortured in our prisons" dichotomy of state religions of Europe.

This was the "freedom of religious expression" concept. It did not come from Europe as a manifest government until America showed the way.

The reason why the ancient figures in your bible, Grim, often react hostilely to Divine messengers or Sons of God calling themselves divine/god, is because it is like watching people in your streets tearing down your statues and propping themselves up in their place. It is very insulting. Does not make them right or wrong, it is just insulting and triggering.

People have killed for less.