One small step

There are still people here and there trying to maintain their allegiance to honesty and clarity.


David Foster said...

To their disgrace, Forbes published his article...and then took it down.

I've been a Forbes subscriber for many years, and have noticed a real falloff in the quality of the articles. This may be the trigger to phase them out of my subscription list.

ymarsakar said...

In truth their world is ending and not in 12 years. Right now, 2020, it is ending.

As for this crisis, the Heavens decree and mankind abides.

The world is not ending so much as resetting and purging itself of toxins. Humanity is usually just in the way or delaying things.

And the world will get colder, not hotter. These disruptions over the next decades, are to warm the place up so that life has enough food to last through the Cold. The mini ice age again? Perhaps.

Whether the Solar Flash happens or another any time soon, the Ice will be coming.

The Cabal and their spiritual network, thought the world was ending in 2012. That is why they built bunkers underground, underground cities technically. Their world was ending, true.

ymarsakar said...

Incompetence and good intentions leading to Hell are adequate explanations - malice is unnecessary.-AVI

This was writtein in 2019 around December. Not too long ago, almost a year. I thought I would see if anyone wanted to update their views, if anything has changed a little or a lot over the times.

For example, the author of that environmentalist apology piece, do they still have good intentions and are merely incompetent?

If yes, does that mean Cuomo and Hussein Obola are incompetent or have good intentions?

Grim was of the view, at least partially, that President Hussein in 2008 or 2009 had good intentions. He was, at least, not willing to entertain the far more warlike "red scenario" of internal insurgency and treason. Polices can be debated via whether they are good or bad, competently enforced or not, but the heart of mankind is a trickier thing to deal with.

So does it matter whether this environmentalist has a good heart or not? Well, yes. And it is a sign of a certain level of spiritual and mental flexibility that they can review their 10 years, 20 years, or 40 years of work to poke flaws into it, as it damages his own identity ego in the process.

This is the painful process that anyone goes through, having to review and change their previous statements and beliefs on affairs. It is a natural byproduct of growing up or obtaining more wisdom and responsibilities. Via Winston Churchill, it would be kind of weird if you remained a liberal all your life. Lacking in brains or heart perhaps?

What I would like to point out that each individual's fate is their own. It is not based on a majority vote. Meaning, Hussein can be evil, and this has almost nothing to do with anybody else really. Just as this whistleblower or environmentalist activist, can change his tune, but his fellow compatriots isn't necessarily of the same heart and mind.

People are individuals, until they are not.

Which is why finding allies and terminating enemies, becomes a tricky proposition in Civil War 2. Who are the ones with a changed heart vs who are the hardcore loyalists of the Cabal/traitors? Knowing that, at least helps resolve the Rules of Engagement. We do not want to shoot those that wish to defect, after all. Nor do we wish to tolerate those in power that are really gung ho on the treason. Those are just too useful and fanatical to the enemy, to ignore.

So intent matters in breaking apart a group or insurgency. Even one in the West. Those who have not spent 10 years or 30 years studying and practicing the field of psychological warfare operations, may be at a severe disadvantage here. Sometimes what they know, isn't very useful. And sometimes what is useful, they do not know. And sometimes what they know, isn't even true to begin, and they should acquire some humility or doubt when facing difficult information.